Last Updated: Feb 7, 2021 1 min read

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Announced

Amazon Prime Day 2019 Announced

And plot twist, it’s two days!

If you’ve been living in a whole the last several years, you may not be aware Amazon creates what amounts to a second Black Friday in the summer Months. Prime day is a huge sales say for Amazon and features a literal boatload of sales and special discounts.

As sellers, we’ve already been made aware of thsoe potential promotions. If you’re not getting into them, now is the time as the window is closing. Prime Day Discountsis its own menu item within Seller Central under the Advertisingmenu.

The folks over at eComEngine have a great breakdown on everything you need to know for Prime Day. Go check out their blog post. Since Prime Day is two days long, taking part is even more important! Check your margins, check your profits, and get in on the action. It’s like a baby Q4. Don’t miss out!

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