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Amazon Reminds Sellers “Take Care” When Packing FBA Inbound Pallet Shipments

Amazon Reminds Sellers “Take Care” When Packing FBA Inbound Pallet Shipments

From the Seller Central Forums:

We want to remind you to take care when you pack your pallets for your shipments. If you pack according to our recommendations, we can fit more inventory in each truck and process your shipments to fulfillment centers more efficiently.

We have two specific reminders:

1. Build 50-inch stackable pallets. Pack stackable pallets no higher than 50 inches (45 inches for boxes and 5 inches for the pallet). Pallets of this height are the most space-efficient. Non-stackable pallets are less space-efficient.

2. Stackable pallets must have flat tops. Ensure that stackable pallets have flat tops, which enables pallets to be stacked safely.

For additional details on these requirements, see Seller requirements for LTL, FTL, and FCL deliveries (ed: requires login). For weight, dimension, and shipment packing requirements, see Shipping and routing requirements (ed: requires login).

I’ve been through two Amazon warehouse tours. I’ve seen some of the pallets come off of trucks and some are definitely less than ideally prepared. Given the outright onslaught of traffic to the e-commerce giant’s sites in these COVID-19-influenced times, more sellers are shoving their goods into the Amazon system and the number of those sellers who have no idea how to do a good pallet is probably really high.

The system is built to process goods quickly. Anything jank that can put a kink in the process will immediately draw the ire of Amazon1Anyone that has mis-prepped an item will know this one all too well. It’s not hard to do a pallet right. It’s also not hard to get it really wrong.

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