The inventory is added. Prices are set. Now it’s time to crank out those labels, slap them on some product, and peel out. AZLabels is the tool you need to do just that.

When printing your FNSKU labels, you have a couple of options:

  • Find a sheet of 30-up labels and silently cry as you insert it into your printer, knowing you’ll end up wasting some of them and damn, ink and toner are expensive (don’t be this person).
  • Click a couple of buttons and watch the labels roll out ready to go, no ink or toner required (definitely be this person).

Ok, I’ll admit. I over-dramatized the first bullet, but it’s a real concern people have. Using your existing printer is more accessible, but long term, time is money and waste is waste. (In a future post, I’ll break down the materials cost difference between sheet-fed label printing using inkjet and laser printers versus thermal printing using a Dymo). I’ll take a few minutes to talk about a Google Chrome extension I find incredibly useful when printing FNSKU and shipping labels straight from Seller Central.

AZLabels is a small Chrome extension that does one thing, and one thing well: provide a button on the relevant Seller Central pages to generate perfectly formatted PDF files that’ll output as they should on a thermal printer.

Getting started is a breeze. Sign up at, and you’ll have a homepage that looks like this:

The AZLabels label size settings page

The two most important things to pay attention to are the FNSKU label size and Shipping label size. These two fields dictate how big each label “page” will be (that’ll make sense later on). Once those are set, ensure the Chrome extension is installed, and you’re ready to rock!

At the end of this article, I’ll talk a bit about AZLabels‘ Instant Prints feature that will quite literally trigger printing after you click the button–no intermediate steps required.

FNSKU Labels with AZLabels

Starting with FNSKU labels first, AZLabels adds a button at the “Label Products” stage of the Send/replenish inventory process.

Identifying the AZLabels button on the Seller Central Print Labels page
The Label products page of the Send/replenish inventory screen on Seller Central. source:

In the image above, “Print labels for this page” exists as it always has, but AZLabels drops in “Print Thermal Labels” next to it. Clicking that button generates a PDF file based on the product list above.

78 pages of labels generated in mere seconds with AZLabels
78 units, 78 pages. Did you think I was going to show you the actual barcode? 🙂

Each unit is one page in the PDF, so there’s nothing you need to do. Remember the FNSKU size you set earlier? This is where that setting comes in handy. That size dictates the “page” dimensions in the PDF file, so there’s no need to do any resizing or cropping. The set dimensions are precisely the right size to ensure the label you see on your screen fills the physical label every time.

All that’s left is to hit print. In most browsers, the default behavior is to download the PDF. Clicking the downloaded file within the browser opens up the Print window. Select your printer and celebrate as you’re about to see labels come out in their full glory!

Each AZLabels-generated label is on its own page for maximum compatibility.

One thing to note: make sure your Paper size matches. For Dymo especially, once it’s installed as a printer, you’ll have all the Dymo roll numbers as paper sizes. Pick the one that matches (or at least the one with the same dimensions). Most browsers and computers will remember your last chosen paper size so as long as the roll size doesn’t change, you’ll only need to set this once.

Shipping Labels with AZLabels

(I wish I had screenshots of this stage. I didn’t have any open shipments I could grab screenshots from at the time I wrote this.)

Printing shipping labels is precisely the same process as FNSKU, except the button is in a different location. Once you’ve filled out your box information including quantities, what SKUs are in each box and request to generate your shipping labels, you’ll have a second button in that area called “Print Thermal Labels” like before. The difference is this button will produce two things:

  • properly formatted FBA shipment labels to apply to the box
  • UPS shipping labels

What AZLabels is doing here is taking the large full-sheet PDFs that Amazon creates for you and massages them into sheets that match the dimensions you set early on for shipping labels. For those that have Dyno 4XLs, Rollos, or Zebras, it’ll make beautiful 4×6 labels that scan correctly and contain all the information Amazon needs.

The rest of the process is precisely the same. Open the PDF, print the PDF, apply, and repeat.

The Secret Sauce That is AZLabels Instant Prints

For the $20/month tier and above, AZLabels features Instant Prints capability. Instead of having to generate a PDF file, download it, open it, then hit the Print button, Instant Prints triggers a print dialog right away. No PDF files at all. The how is technical, but the super high-level version is they’re creating data behind the scenes that’s what your printer consumes and sending it to the AZLabels app running on your computer. If you’re an Inventory Labs user, this click-then-watch-labels-print functionality is very similar and will be a familiar and welcome sight.

AZLabels touts this process in a blog post as taking just six seconds from clicking the button to seeing labels start popping out of the thermal printer. This process also allows for a more comprehensive array of compatible thermal printers, including the often strange Zebra line, especially on macOS.

One downside is the price. If you’re not printing more than 2,000 FNSKU labels a month from Seller Central or more than 200 shipping labels a month, the mid-level tier has no value to you other than the faster printing. There’ll be a threshold where it makes sense to upgrade early, but it’s different for everyone.

AZLabels starts at:

  • $9/month or $90/year for 2000 FNKU and 200 shipping labels/month.
  • $20/month or $199/year for 10,000 FNSKU and 1000 shipping labels/month (option for buying chunks of 1000/100 after that for an additional fee)

A Special AZLabels offer for Seller Journal Readers

If you’ve made it this far, you’re likely interested enough in AZLabels to want to give it a shot. I don’t blame you. I’ve tried other extensions, and they don’t have the same simplistic feel nor do they perform as well as AZLabels. As a thank you, Seller Journal readers, get an extra 200 FNSKU and 20 shipping labels for free every month. Those 200/20 labels will be available every cycle to use with no additional out of pocket cost to you.

When someone asks what I use to print labels from Seller Central, without missing a beat I recommend AZLabels every time. It’s the kind of set-and-forget Chrome extension that becomes a vital part of the workflow, and once it’s in, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Seller Journal readers can get an extra 200 free labels printed every month just for reading this article!
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