The 6 Best Postal Scales For Shipping Orders (2023 Guide)

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With the rise of e-commerce businesses, having a reliable postal scale is essential. Your customers expect accurate shipping charges and timely delivery, so you must ensure you weigh your orders accurately every time. But with so many options on the market, it can be challenging to figure out which is best for your needs. To save time and money in finding the best postal scale for your business, we’ve rounded up the four best postal scales for shipping orders in 2023. Read on to learn more!

Why Is a Postal Scale Important?

When running an e-commerce business, shipping orders is critical to your operation. And one of the essential tools you need for shipping is a postal scale.

A postal scale ensures the correct measurement of a package’s weight so you can calculate the exact shipping costs. This is important because if your packages are underweight, you may overpay for shipping. And if they’re overweight, you could be charged additional fees by the carrier.

In addition to accuracy, an excellent postal scale should also be durable and easy to use. Look for a scale that’s made from high-quality materials and that has a large, easy-to-read display. You should also consider features like automatic shut-off and tare weight function.

Finding one that meets your specific needs is essential when choosing a postal scale. But with so many different models on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best postal scales on the market today.

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Our Picks for Best Postal Scales

Choosing the best postal scale for your shipping needs can be daunting. There are so many options on the market, and it can be hard to know which is correct. Shipping weights can vary greatly, depending on the item or items being shipped, so choosing an accurate postal scale that can accommodate various weights is essential.

We’ve compiled a list of the best postal scales on the market to help make your decision easier. All postal scales on our list are highly accurate, durable, and easy to use. Each scale on this list covers a separate market segment; we wouldn’t recommend a 600-lb capacity scale for packages under 1 LB, for example.

Best Postal Scales Reviewed

We’ve got some notes to share on each scale on this list, including things we liked and didn’t like and who we think these scales are best suited for.

Disclosure: All of the scales in this article were purchased to review. None of the brands featured in this article sent these units or compensated us in exchange for a review.

Rollo Shipping Scale

The Rollo Shipping Scale. The Rollo Shipping Scale is the Seller Journal's pick for overall best shipping scale.
The Rollo Shipping Scale.

In our opinion, the best postal scale is the Rollo Shipping Scale. Suppose you’re a fan of other Rollo products like the Rollo X1038 Thermal Label Printer or its wireless counterpart, the X1040 Wireless Thermal Label Printer (the Seller Journal review). In that case, you’ll appreciate their scale, too. Priced competitively with others, the Rollo Shipping Scale is a no-frills scale featuring a separate display–great for weighing oversized or bulky packages–and a good-sized plate.

At 8×8″, it’s not the largest of all the scales tested in this article, but for its weight limit, I’m not sure that matters. Before I purchased this scale, I used the Smart Weigh ACE200 (featured next), and the Rollo scale felt very familiar and worked like I expected a scale of this type to work.

The precision is good enough to support small-weighing items like envelopes and light packages (less than one pound with fractional-ounce precision). I had no trouble getting an accurate weight on heavy boxes, either.

If you’re looking for a single scale to cover the entire range of shipment needs, the Rollo Shipping Scale is my first recommendation.

Max Weight110 lbs
Precision (d)10.1 oz
Surface Area (plate size)8″ x 8″
Separate DisplayYes
Display ConnectionCorded
Power Type(s)AC Adapter, 2x AAA
WarrantyOne year

Smart Weigh ACE200

ace200 shipping scale
The Smart Weigh ACE200. Its long cord makes the external display that much more convenient.

“Like the Rollo shipping scale, the Smart Weigh ACE200 fits into a class of separate-display units for weighing larger items. The ACE200 features a large 10.6” square plate and feels incredibly sturdy when measuring the downward force of large boxes. “Like the Rollo shipping scale, the Smart Weigh ACE200 fits into a class of separate display units for weighing larger items. The ACE200 features a large 10.6” square plate and feels incredibly sturdy when measuring the downwarYou’lle of large boxes.

The display cord is longer than the Rollo, likely out of necessity, given its appYou’llon as a large-shipment scale, but it can still pack up into a small footprint should you need to take it with you.

I’ve used the ACE200 for several years when weighing large shipments and have never found its measurements off. It’s not as precise as a smaller scale, but for large shipments, the most precision that’ll be helpful is at the one-pound mark anyway, and the ACE200 is plenty good at that level.

Max Weight440 lbs
Precision (d)150g (1.76oz)
Surface Area (plate size)10.6″ x 10.6″
Separate DisplayYes
Display ConnectionCorded
Power Type(s)AC Adapter, 9V
WarrantyTwo years

Accutek A-ST85

accutek shipping scale
The A-ST85 won’t win awards for best looking, but its practical form makes it a great work-surface scale.

Taking the spot in the desktop scale class, the A-ST85 has a large 8″ x 6″ plate size smaller than the other 100-110 lb capacity scales in this review but is built sturdy and serves its purpose well on a work surface.

The display and its controls and placed to support weighing items on a work surface, likely at waist height. The combined display featured both pounds and ounces as their values (e.g., 3 lb 4 oz, versus 3.25 lbs)

It is somewhat portable because it supports power using an included AC adapter or an optional 9V battery. The A-ST85 scale has the most extended warranty on this list at a whopping ten years.

Max Weight85 lbs
Precision (d)10.2 oz
Surface Area (plate size)8″ x 6″
Separate DisplayNo
Display ConnectionBuilt-in
Power Type(s)AC Adapter, 9V
WarrantyTen years

Amazon Basics SF-550

amazon basics shipping scale
Bigger than a typical food scale, the SF-550 is an excellent budget-friendly scale.

If you’re on a budget but need to weigh things, the Amazon Basics SF-550 scale is about as good as money can buy when you only have a little money.

The 8.1″ x 6.4″ plate and display are a single unit, with the display sitting up front and pointed upward. Large, bulky items won’t do well here, given its 65-pound weight limit and display positioned so close to the plate.

However, the Amazon Basics scale will do great mailing small packages and envelopes with its sub-ounce precision and segmented output. Toss this scale in the drawer when you’re done, and be ready for next time with the optional 2x AA battery support.

Max Weight65 lbs
Precision (d)10.1 oz
Surface Area (plate size)8.1″ x 6.4″
Separate DisplayNo
Display ConnectionBuilt-in
Power Type(s)AC Adapter, 2x AA
WarrantyOne year

Dymo M25

dymo m25 shipping scale
Get your computer ready. The Dymo M25 hooks up via USB and can plug in weight information automatically.

The Dymo M25 is the lowest max-weight scale of the group at just 25 lbs, but that’s likely on purpose. The M25 is designed to weigh small packages and envelopes (mostly envelopes) on a desk and pass the exact weight measurement to shipping or postage software on a computer.

The display and controls are placed on the front of the unit, just below and at an angle to the plate, allowing a small and contained form factor to fit right in on any crowded workspace.

With its computer connection, its only power source(s) are said USB connection or three AAA batteries. While you don’t need to use the M25 with a computer, not doing so removes most of what makes it unique, and there are other scales of this size and form factor for less money.

Max Weight25 lbs
Precision (d)10.2 oz
Surface Area (plate size)9″ x 9″
Separate DisplayYes
Display ConnectionCorded
Computer ConnectionUSB
Power Type(s)AC Adapter, 3x AAA
WarrantyOne year

Dymo S100

dymo s100 shipping scale
The larger sibling to the Dymo M25, the Dymo S100 takes the convenience of a large-plate scale like the Rollo and ACE200 and pairs some computer smarts.

Taking some of the magic from the Dymo M25, the S100 is a similarly oriented scale with a penchant for much more significant tasks.

The S100 is a scale designed to be on a large work surface or a hard floor and supports up to 100 lbs of weight being placed on its surface.

The scales that support larger weights all have one thing in common: bulky packages can’t hide the displayed weight. The S100 connects to a computer via USB and automatically transmits the weight data into your shipping or postal software. Although the display is down by the scale, with a computer connection, that no longer matters, and the S100 can hang with other scales designed for bulk and show off some of what makes it unique simultaneously.

Max Weight100 lbs
Precision (d)10.2 lb
Surface Area (plate size)14″ x 14″
Separate DisplayNo
Display ConnectionBuilt-In
Computer ConnectionUSB
Power Type(s)AC Adapter, 3x AAA
WarrantyOne year
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of common questions about postal scales and answered them below.

How accurate are postal scales?

The accuracy of a postal scale depends on two major factors: its maximum weight and price point. More minor scales tend to be more accurate because the measurement electronics don’t have as much of a weight range to detect. In contrast, scales supporting hundreds of pounds cannot see sub-ounce weight changes unless you’re willing to pay a hefty sum.

For example, for shipping, anything below 1 LB should be measured to the ounce as accurately as possible, but anything above 1 LB won’t benefit from being weighed in as 1 LB 4 oz and 1 LB 4.1 oz. Shipping carriers require weights to be rounded up to the next unit (ounces if under one pound or pounds if over one pound).

The same rules generally apply to metric weights, too.

What features should I look for on a postal scale?

The most important thing to consider when looking for a postal scale is its accuracy. You want a scale that will give you an accurate weight for your packages to ensure you’re not over or under-charging your customers.

Other things to look for on a postal scale include:

Ease of use: An excellent postal scale should be easy to use to weigh your packages without hassle.

Portability: If you ship orders from different locations or take your business to trade shows or other events, you’ll want an easy transport postal scale. Look for a compact design and a carrying case.

Connectivity: Some postal scales can connect to your computer or other devices via USB or Bluetooth, which can be handy for printing shipping labels directly from your scale.

Capacity: Depending on your shipping needs, you may need a scale that can handle heavier packages. Look for a model with a higher capacity if required.

Durability: Ensure your postal scale is up to the task and won’t break down after only a few uses. Make sure the one you choose is well-constructed and built to last.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a postal scale to help with your shipping orders, there are a few things to remember. First, consider the capacity of the scale. You’ll want to ensure it can handle your package’s weight. Second, think about the accuracy of the scale. You’ll want to choose a scale that can give accurate measurements to ensure your packages are correctly weighed. Lastly, consider the price of the scale. There are a variety of postal scales on the market, so be sure to find one that fits your budget. With these things in mind, you can find the best postal scale for your needs.

1 These scales are not commercial-grade, certified scales; their precision is limited to the displayed precision, which we’re going off of in this article.


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