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Kevin O’Leary’s Advice for Small Businesses

Here are 8 tips from Kevin O’Leary for small businesses trying to re-open during COVID-19.

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Notes & Summary from Shopify Reunite

Yesterday was Shopify’s Reunite event, a live stream featuring members of the Shopify organization talking about the new and upcoming

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From CNBC: Four years ago, Walmart made a pricey bet on its e-commerce future. It paid $3.3 billion to buy, an e-commerce


Wal-Mart’s Online Sales Up 74%

From Yahoo Finance: Here were the main numbers compared to Bloomberg consensus forecasts: Revenue: $134.6 billion vs. expectations of $132.48 billionAdjusted

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Making $1,000 in 24 Hours

What a headline. Thing is, it actually happened. Noah Kagan posted a few weeks ago about how he did just

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Is the E-commerce Shift Going to Last?

From TechCrunch: While 2020 started on a faster clip than 2018 and 2019, February and March have seen nothing short

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FedEx and Microsoft Team Up Against Amazon in Shipping Packages

From Bloomberg: The service, using Microsoft’s cloud software, will give big and small companies real-time data to determine ways to


eBay Issues an Alert About the Coronavirus

With the proliferation of the Coronavirus, eBay put out an announcement reminding sellers about price gouging and taking advantage of the situation.


The Top 10 Handmade Categories, States, and Cities on Amazon

Amazon put out its list of the most popular sub-categories in the Handmade section of the Amazon Marketplace along with the cities and states where the highest volume of Handmade sellers reside.

the 2020 eBay Seller Update

The eBay Spring Seller Update

On Wednesday, February 26th, eBay put out their quarterly Seller Update. Here’s everything they discussed and resources on where you can learn more.