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Amazon Reminds Sellers “Take Care” When Packing FBA Inbound Pallet Shipments

From the Seller Central Forums: We want to remind you to take care when you pack your pallets for your

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Amazon FBA Fees Change for 2020

Every year, Amazon pushes their selling fees for FBA higher. This year is no different. For 2020, Amazon FBA Fees are seeing some changes, though not all roads lead to increases.

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Amazon lithium battery rules for sellers tightens for 2020

An announcement that sent shockwaves through the Seller Central forums regarding Amazon lithium battery rules starting in 2020 is sure to ruffle some feathers. Here’s what is being tracked to change starting January 1st and how it’ll affect selling lithium batteries and products containing said batteries.

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An overview of Amazon Intellectual Property Accelerator

One of the biggest struggles Amazon sellers–especially private label sellers–have is ensuring their product can’t be sold without their authorization on the Amazon marketplace and their brand can’t be ripped off by the Chinese or other sellers looking to make a quick buck. Amazon Intellectual Property Accelerator in the Brand Services category aims to help alleviate some of the struggles in building up those brand protection walls.

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Amazon toy policies: they see you when you’re cutting corners

It’s that time of the year. Amazon starts making moves and shifting things around seemingly out of nowhere to sellers who aren’t fully tapped into the madness that is Amazon’s ever-changing policies. Here’s what you need to know about Amazon toy policies so you don’t get stuck this holiday season.

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The deadline for holiday 2019 inventory is fast approaching

We’re inching closer to the holiday season (if we’re not already there, it seems) and the deadline to ensure inventory is available for holiday sales is coming up quick.

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New Inventory Performance Index (IPI) limits for 2020

Over the last week, sellers were notified via about new Inventory Performance Index (IPI) requirements for the year 2020 and beyond. Here’s everything you need to know about the changes.

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Here are all the new states Amazon will automatically collect and remit sales tax for starting October 1st

As states start to come around to the idea that the future is the Internet, we’re hitting a tipping point where the majority of them are placing the burden for collecting sales tax from marketplace sales on the marketplace operator instead of the seller. For Amazon, here’s the list of states joining the ranks on October 1st.

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In-stock Head Start Program: a pilot program making inbound products available for sale now

Amazon is opening up a pilot program to allow sellers to make temporarily out-of-stock items for sale immediately, even before the products arrive at a fulfillment center.

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FedEx will no longer be an Amazon Partner Carrier after August 8th

Amazon is making changes to its list of Partnered Carriers for small parcel delivery (SPD). To the dismay of many who use FedEx religiously to send shipments to Amazon warehouses, FedEx’s presence on that list isn’t long for this world.