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Almost too coincidentally, Amazon announces new terms for the marketplace in several countries

If you haven’t been following the news today, Amazon has come to receive a lot of heat for how it operates its marketplace. After Germany dropped its investigation, Amazon coincidentally announced updated terms for marketplace participants.

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Wisconsin is joining the ranks of states requiring marketplaces to collect sales tax

We’re inching ever closer to my ideal sales tax management scenario of marketplaces being responsible for collecting and remitting 100% of sales tax payments and businesses and individuals simply filing paperwork. To get us closer to my perfect world, Wisconsin announced they’ll be requiring marketplaces like Amazon to collect and remit sales tax effective October 1st. This will shift the burden from the businesses and sellers that make money on the platform, a welcome bit of news. 

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New international selling program for U.S. sellers, zero effort required

Amazon has started sending emails out to sellers in the United States marketplace about a new international marketplace opportunity that requires no effort from the Seller in which to take part.

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Small and Light is shrinking its limits… and usefulness

For some time, Amazon has offered discounted FBA fees for products that met pricing and physical criteria in an effort to get more smaller items into the marketplace that would have otherwise not been profitable. Dubbed Small and Light, the program promises predictable discounted fees based on size and weight and a requirement that the sale price be under $15. That’s about to change, though.

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Eight more states requiring marketplace facilitators to handle sales tax collection, and who’s up next

If there’s one thing that’s needless complex when selling on the Amazon US marketplace, it’s having to manage sales tax from up to 45 states plus the District of Columbia. Now that we’re comfortably post-Supreme-Court/Wayfair, we’re starting to see states take a more proactive and sane stance on how sales tax should be collected for online sales. 


Amazon Prime Day 2019 Announced

And plot twist, it’s two days!

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Coming soon: Strict enforcement for ASIN titles that don’t meet requirements

What should come as a shock to no one, Amazon announced that starting July 22, 2019, any ASIN with a title that does not conform to its Product Title Requirements will be surpassed from search results entirely.

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No storage fees for new-to-Amazon ASINs for new sellers

Amazon has made changes to its new-to-Amazon storage fee promotion to allow new sellers to participate.

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New Discount on Seller Central pro plan fees for multiple regions

Amazon announced in an email to sellers that they’re going to start discounting plan fees for those who seller in multiple distinct regions (up to 10 countries), ensuring that sellers only pay a maximum of $39.99/month, regardless of how many unique region accounts a seller has.

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New, massively discounted storage fees for fast-moving, consistently available items

A couple of days ago, Amazon announced that for third-party sellers that kept a certain amount of inventory in stock at all times but also sold enough units in a month, the monthly storage fees for those SKUs would be dramatically reduced.