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Why FedEx Dumped Amazon

It’s no secret by now that Amazon and FedEx have parted ways–first by dropping Express shipments for Amazon, then as a partnered carrier for inbound FBA shipments, and finally end-customer deliveries). A lot of folks still seem to think this is entirely Amazon’s fault (it’s easy to blame the behemoth). In reality, FedEx should shoulder a lot of the blame in FedEx no longer being an option for customer deliveries, express deliveries, and (often cheaper) inbound-to-warehouse shipments for 3rd-party sellers.

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In-stock Head Start Program: a pilot program making inbound products available for sale now

Amazon is opening up a pilot program to allow sellers to make temporarily out-of-stock items for sale immediately, even before the products arrive at a fulfillment center.

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FedEx will no longer be an Amazon Partner Carrier after August 8th

Amazon is making changes to its list of Partnered Carriers for small parcel delivery (SPD). To the dismay of many who use FedEx religiously to send shipments to Amazon warehouses, FedEx’s presence on that list isn’t long for this world.

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Choosing the right prep center for your Amazon business

It’s 12:49 PM on a sunny Friday afternoon. Checking your phone’s weather app, 76 degrees and clearreads on the screen. You’re readying to slay your weekend outdoor ventures.