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Start a Blog for Your Business Less Than $4/month

If there’s one thing that writing on the Internet over the last few years has taught me, blogs bring in traffic. Those new eyeballs, looking for whatever you’re selling, are valuable, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get a quality site up. Let’s break down what you’ll need to get your blog up and running for just a few dollars per month.


Learn How to Use Keepa In 15 Minutes: A Free Crash Course

Keeping tabs on the movements of products on the Amazon marketplace is critical for sellers of all sizes, especially when

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How to Quickly Set Up a Dymo Label Printer on a Mac

While not a question I see all the time, it is one that comes up enough that I feel like it’s worth talking about and writing down a definitive how-to. Specifically, let’s talk using DYMO printers on a Mac.

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What is the Buy Box?

It is no secret that in order to get real, substantial sales, being able to take advantage of primary placement on a listing is paramount. Called the Buy Box, this is where the majority of Amazon shoppers engage and commit to buying a product. Having control of this space can make or break a seller.

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When is a Good Time to Invest in a Repricer?

Seller Central account? Check. Bank account? Check. Inventory? Check. Inventory is at an Amazon warehouse? Check. What’s left? Repricer? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s dive into why it might be worth holding off on dropping cash on a repricer when you first start.

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Amazon toy policies: they see you when you’re cutting corners

It’s that time of the year. Amazon starts making moves and shifting things around seemingly out of nowhere to sellers who aren’t fully tapped into the madness that is Amazon’s ever-changing policies. Here’s what you need to know about Amazon toy policies so you don’t get stuck this holiday season.


How to get approved to sell products within restricted product categories

One of the largest perpetual hurdles Amazon sellers face is gaining approval to sell products within a category or brand on the Amazon marketplace (otherwise known as ungating or being ungated). There are a lot of questions out there and information can be scatted and incomplete. Here’s all the relevant information you need in order to get approved to sell products in categories that may not be open to you by default.

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Quickly Fix the Stickerless Co-mingled Inventory Error in Seller Central

Something that I see come up often in Amazon FBA-related Facebook groups is the issue of not being able to send in inventory because of the dreaded Cannot be stickerless co-mingled message. I wanted to take a couple of minutes to discuss how to fix this with minimal struggle.

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How to Get a Free Zebra Thermal Printer and Labels

If you’ve printed more than a handful of shipping labels every month, you know it can be a hassle. I’ve talked about changing over to thermal printing and using AZLabels to get the job done for my Amazon business, but what if you don’t have a thermal printer, yet? 


Building an Efficient Wholesale Workflow

If there’s one thing we do regularly in the world of Amazon, it’s placing restock orders. Knowing the status of every order and confirming our partners (prep centers, etc.) have the information they need is critical.