Last Updated: Feb 7, 2021 1 min read

Fresh changes to Amazon’s FBA fee reimbursement policy

Fresh changes to Amazon’s FBA fee reimbursement policy

On May 16th, Amazon announced it would be creating a standard set of rules and requirements for submitting FBA fee reimbursement claims.

Within these rules are descriptions about what information they expect and how long one has to file a claim. Sellers now have only 90 days from the date of the FBA fee charge to submit a request for reimbursement and can do so only once.

Amazon may require additional documentation or other evidence to substantiate the claim, including photos that display the product on a scale in clear view or the product and its measurements with the measurements visible. Amazon has also clearly stated that repeated claims without necessary evidence may result in the refusal of future applications without consideration.

If Amazon denies the application for reimbursement, an appeal is possible. If Amazon denies the motion, the decision is final.

My take is that Amazon described a decently clear set of rules and stipulations for this process. Too many sellers try to skirt them or work in the grey areas, hoping to get a little extra. The original window of time was 180 days, which feels too long, so the 90-day shortening of the time window makes sense.

For sellers doing things like retail and online arbitrage or wholesale, it’s essential to keep an eye on the product dimensions and weight listed from the start. It’s easier to file a claim and get this taken care of when you still have the product in hand. Getting one of the warehouses to do this for you and do it right doesn’t always turn out well–don’t assume they won’t be lazy about it. For private label folks, ensuring the listed dimensions are correct from the start should make this a trivial matter, primarily if the listing is controlled using the Brand Registry (and others cannot sell on that listing).

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