Guest Post Submission

Thank you for your interest in providing a guest post on The Seller Journal. Before we get started, we have a few guidelines and requirements for all guest posts to ensure that contributed content is of the highest quality and is relevant to our audience. After reading how the guest post process works and the requirements we have, please fill out the form below to get started.

The Submission Process

When you reach out to us to submit a guest post, the following is required:

  • The topic of the guest post
  • The requested outbound do-follow links
  • Understanding of our Content Guidelines (below)
  • Knowledge of the Rate Structure (below)

Once we receive your submission, we’ll review it and get back to you within 3 to 5 business days. If we choose to move forward, we’ll ask for the article(s) for our review. We will review the article(s) to ensure they meet the content guidelines.

Provided the content meets our guidelines, we will let you know your guest post is approved for submission, and you will receive an invoice payable upon receipt. We will not publish the guest post without payment. Any requests to pay after publishing are automatically denied.

The submitted content will be removed immediately if the charge is disputed later. We will no longer accept content from you, your organization, or the brand(s)/business(es) represented in the guest post(s).

Once the invoice is paid, we will post the content within two business days (Monday-Friday) unless we’ve already shared an alternative timeline with you.

Guest Post Content Guidelines

We only have a few rules when it comes to content.

External Links. Guest posts may have up to two do-follow links to a single site.

Acceptable Content Categories. We only accept content in the business, e-commerce, shipping and logistics, finance, accounting, reselling, or third-party marketplaces such as Etsy or Amazon, blogging, affiliate marketing, or content related to tools, software, or education within these categories. We may accept content outside these categories if relevant to our audience.

AI-generated content is not accepted. While we understand the usefulness of AI in writing content online, guest posts must pass AI detection tools.

Guest post(s) are unique. We will not accept content posted elsewhere, full stop. We will decline if we determine the content is just a rehash of existing content published elsewhere.

Guest Post Rate Structure

To ensure we only share quality content with our readers from outside sources, as of May 10, 2023, we no longer accept free guest posts. The following rate table applies:

  • Single Guest Post: $100
  • Three Guest Posts: $250
  • Five or More Guest Posts: $400 + $50 for each additional

Guest Post Submission Form

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