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Greenlight: The IP Claim Database

The absence of a brand from this list does not necessarily mean it is 100% safe. In the world of Retail and Online Arbitrage, NO BRAND IS 100% SAFE. Tread cautiously. In using this tool, you agree that the data provided is intended only for research purposes and to make you more aware of the landscape you’re operating in.

No company or individual, including Bytoro, LLC or The Seller Journal, can make claims or guarantees of any kind regarding the accuracy of this data. If a brand not on this list issues any form of adverse contact against yourself or your company, Bytoro, LLC or The Seller Journal is not responsible for said brand’s omission from this list or the ramifications–positive or negative–that may come from actions taken based on that information or discovery.

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The FTC requires we say that. We know you’re smart, but the FTC assumes no one is when it comes to stuff like this, so here we are.

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Amazon makes us say that one.

AI-Generated Content

We have a detailed statement on our position on AI-generated content here.