There are a few things we need to make sure you know.

Product Reviews

Occasionally, companies ask for a review of their product or service. We’ll happily oblige where possible, but we have a few rules we operate by to ensure we maintain editorial integrity and remain unbiased.

  1. We make sure it’s clear the review is neutral and cannot be compensated in exchange for a more positive spin.
  2. We do not accept pre-written reviews for products. Every review is written in-house.
  3. When these companies reach out, they may offer to loan a product to us that we have to return upon completion of the review or give us a product to keep. This arrangement does not affect the review’s outcome.
  4. Sometimes our reviews are based on products we’ve purchased. The fact that we’ve spent our money on this product doesn’t affect the perspective and how we come up with a final score and recommendation.
  5. During the review process, we try to work with the company if there are any issues we face while conducting the review, including sharing any notes and pre-release copy if it can help resolve the problem(s) we face. Our goal is to ensure those that purchase the product have the best possible experience from the start and will take advantage of these open channels to help facilitate said positive experiences.
  6. Regardless of the product or service and the arrangement(s) to review them, there is no situation where a company can pay for a positive review. We do not accept offers for positive reviews of products in exchange for any kind of compensation.

Greenlight: The IP Claim Database

The absence of a brand from this list does not necessarily mean it is 100% safe. In the Retail and Online Arbitrage world, NO BRAND IS 100% SAFE. Tread cautiously. In using this tool, you agree that the data provided is intended only for research purposes and to make you more aware of the landscape you’re operating in.

No company or individual, including Bytoro, LLC or The Seller Journal, can make claims or guarantees of any kind regarding the accuracy of this data. If a brand not on this list issues any form of adverse contact against yourself or your company, Bytoro, LLC or The Seller Journal is not responsible for said brand’s omission from this list or the ramifications–positive or negative–that may come from actions taken based on that information or discovery.

This site uses affiliate links in posts for products we recommend and like. These links help the brands keep track of the folks we’re sending their way, and in return, they send us a little scratch. Clicking on any of these links or making purchases using them does not impact the price you pay or the product itself.

The FTC requires we say that. We know you’re smart, but the FTC assumes no one is when it comes to stuff like this, so here we are.

As an Amazon Affiliate, The Seller Journal earns through qualifying purchases.

Amazon makes us say that one.

AI-Generated Content

We have a detailed statement on our position on AI-generated content here.