On AI-Generated Content

The Seller Journal’s position on AI-generated content on this site.

With the proliferation of tools aimed at creating content for the web in both text and image form, I saw an opportunity for content creation to be up-ended. There is no shortage of tools on the market that aim to write text and create images for just about any need. Tools like Jasper cover the entire gamut, and writing product descriptions for newly released products on Amazon can also aid in writing articles about various topics.

Does that mean we’ll see AI writing tools supplant human writers any time soon? Probably not. Short-form content isn’t a super beneficial use of a writer’s time. Even without AI, it wouldn’t be hard for a programmer to devise an algorithm to craft the canonical implementation of an ideal product description.

Longer content, specifically longer factual content, is another story. AI tools can spit out a lot of words quickly. A thousand words can get barfed onto a page with a few clicks. Is that the end of the content creation process? Not. The content creation process doesn’t end there. Adding AI to a workflow creates new and different challenges in creating content.

Perhaps instead of writing out an outline–an outline that’s probably similar to others you’ve created if you’re writing similar content regularly, you’ll be spending time fact-checking, re-wording, and honing what’s already on the page. Taking nonsense that sounds funny and turning it into something helpful, interesting, and valuable becomes the bulk of the effort.

My position, formally, is that AI tools have their place. I’ve mentioned before that I have a hard time overcoming writer’s block, and I find AI tools helpful in resolving that… giving me a place to start from and allowing me to build on a few starting sentences. Never will I use an AI tool to create and ship a blog post. I guess some folks will give them more power, but truly good content will require human interaction, consideration, and input, at least for the foreseeable future.

Content on this site was created by a human. A human formulates the topics I publish on. Is and will every single word come from my fingers hitting a keyboard? No. I’ve used Grammarly for years to help my writing sound better, and that alone would disqualify that question. I won’t tag every post with a note saying that not all content was 100% human input; that’d be silly.

Short version: I’ve used AI writing tools in content pieces to help plan what I will write. I’ve used them to help re-word existing paragraphs when I can’t figure out anything myself. Content on this site will never be entirely AI-generated.

I welcome any input or feedback on this.