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New Discount on Seller Central pro plan fees for multiple regions

New Discount on Seller Central pro plan fees for multiple regions

Amazon announced in an email to sellers that they’re going to start discounting plan fees for those who seller in multiple distinct regions (up to 10 countries), ensuring that sellers only pay a maximum of $39.99/month, regardless of how many unique region accounts a seller has.

For those that may not be aware of the implication, it helps to briefly discuss how multiple regions work. Amazon has five regions: North America, Europe, India, China, and Japan. Within these regions, sellers can opt to sell in multiple marketplaces with one account. In other words, If a seller sells in The United States, they can also sell in Canada without having to open a fresh account. If they sell in The United Kingdom, they can opt to start selling in France, too. Japan is its own region. The India marketplace is only open to those residing in India and China is currently isolated.

Based on the current structure, to be a truly global seller, one would need three separate Amazon Seller Central accounts, each costing their own fee:

  • North America: US$39.99, CA$29.99, or MXN 600
  • Europe: £25.00 or €39.99
  • Japan: ¥4,900

Amazon’s new offering allows sellers to establish accounts in all three regions, link them together, andensure the seller only pays a max of one of those fees. If the seller is in North America, their max will be one of US$39.99, CA$29.99, or MXN 600, based on their home country, for example.

Once the accounts are established, the Sell Globally page can be used to link the accounts together. After linkage, the appropriate discounts will be applied each month to offset the additional costs. Linking the accounts together also ensures that one can now take advantage of single sign-on, meaning one login can be used to access all the related marketplaces in North America, Europe, India, and Japan.

One thing to keep in mind is that having multiple accounts in multiple regions means the local laws, business regulations, and other fees/taxes/duties absolutely still apply. For example, doing FBA in Japan is still the same process as it has always been. Only accessing the Japan marketplace account is now cheaper an easier. If you’re not doing business in any other country or region but your home, this changes nothing for you.

You can find out more about this updated offering and get the process started, here.

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