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Five Amazon Sellers on Instagram You Need to Follow

Five Amazon Sellers on Instagram You Need to Follow

Instagram is a huge social network with over a hundred million active users. Watching the progress of fellow Amazon sellers has become a pastime of mine and can serve as inspiration and motivation when you’re feeling down or in a selling rut. These are 5 Instagram Amazon sellers you should be following right now.

Follow These Five Amazon sellers on Instagram

Mark Tew, CPA

Screenshot of Instagram Amazon seller Not Your Dad's CPA instagram profile header.

At @notyourdadscpa, Mark is a Certified Professional Accountant and Certified Financial Planner that also sells on Amazon. This lethal combination makes him a massively helpful resource for Amazon taxes, finances, and book-keeping. He regularly hosts webinars and live streams, and his course focusing exclusively on Amazon and the tax liabilities it can create is worth its weight in gold.

Rich Khun

Screenshot of Instagram Amazon seller Rich Khun's instagram profile header.

Rich, at @rich_khun, is a friend of mine and someone I enjoy watching sell and grow. Rich is a powerhouse in retail arbitrage and his YouTube channel is also a great watch. He’s a prime example of someone who is hungry and ready to succeed but stays humble throughout the process.

Garret Rozell

Screenshot of Instagram Amazon seller Garret Rozell's instagram profile header.

At @garret_rozell, this man is behind the Amazon FBA Mastery Facebook group. At almost 6,600 members, Garret knows how to build a community and his adventures on Instagram and YouTube are no joke. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time on social media, being on Facebook for the group alone can be worth it. I stop by there every so often and I can’t imagine a better group of sellers.

Watch Me Amazon

Screenshot of Instagram Amazon seller Watch Me Amazon's instagram profile header.

A heavyweight in the Amazon space, you’ll find no shortage of inspiration and advice from seasoned seller @watchmeamazon. As a family man, he brings a touch of humble to what he does. Also, be sure to go check him out on YouTube.


Screenshot of Instagram Amazon seller FBA Dave's instagram profile header.

I love @fba_dave because he only does books and built his Instagram presence exclusively for sellers getting started in the business of bookselling. A lot of new sellers get started in books because it’s such a low-cost entry point, but sticking with it and turning that grind into money takes real effort. Dave is doing just that and documenting his journey along the way. He puts in about 20 hours a week, but looking at his profile, you’d think the hours were 3x.

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