Free Amazon Sales Rank Chart

One of my biggest complaints about “gurus” offering tools like this was that they went out of date so quickly. I set out to ensure that would never happen again.

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Helpful tips

  1. This chart updates weekly. At around 12:30 AM pacific on Monday morning, the data is regenerated. There’s a lot of data on the Amazon marketplace, so the categories might not all see updates. Know that if there’s fresher data to reasonably gather, it’ll be here.
  2. Each category and rank percentage has the sales rank and estimated sales per month at that rank. While just an estimate, the data source is quite reliable.
  3. Always come back to this page for the best link should you need to get a new copy. The URL to the file might change. Don’t get stuck because you bookmarked the wrong thing.


Seller Journal makes no claims of guaranteed success or that the data provided in this tool is foolproof and 100% accurate. By downloading this file you agree to hold Seller Journal blameless should any negative impact occur from actions taken because of the data provided. I do the best with the resources I have to ensure the data is accurate and useful but provide no warranty of any kind. These are just estimates and not guarantees of the sales volume you may see for a particular ASIN in a particular category. Many factors are in play with regards to sales volumes, such as seller feedback, inventory location, pricing, listing quality, condition, number of sellers, and other potential data points.