Greenlight: A Free IP Alert Alternative

Greenlight is a free tool designed to help Amazon sellers manage their listings by scanning for potential intellectual property violations and alerting the user. Protect your business without breaking the bank or installing another Google Chrome extension.

Database size: over 1,000 brands.

Suggest an Addition

A record that has been verified with documentation.
The brand sells its products on Amazon as a first-party seller.

Save Money

Greenlight is 100% free. Protect your business and protect your budget.

Easy to Use

When doing product research, have access to a crowd-sourced database of brands.

Over 1,000 Brands

Greenlight contains over 1,000 brands with notes, including if they’re selling on Amazon.

I Have Questions About a Brand.

The only data we have is in the database. If no one has reported anything, we won’t likely know much that couldn’t be learned through research about the brand or company.

How Do You Source New Brands?

When the database was first launched in 2019, we sourced brands from every list, social media post, and blog post we could find. From then on, we’ve relied on the community to let us know when they’ve run into trouble with a brand.

Can Companies Report THemselves?

Sure, though very few have. We can count on one hand the number of brands that have done so.

How is this free?

The Seller Journal is compensated through advertising on the site and affiliate commissions. Greenlight isn’t an expensive service to run and because of that, it’ll always be free of charge.

Protect Your Business, Prevent Headaches

Before purchasing a product, checking if the brand is in the Greenlight database is essential. This is because Greenlight’s database contains a list of brands flagged for potential intellectual property violations.

By checking if a brand is in the database, you can ensure that the product you’re purchasing is not associated with any potential IP issues. This will help you avoid listing violations, protect your business, and save money, time, and effort.

Furthermore, checking the brand in the Greenlight database can help you avoid legal trouble or costly legal fees for selling products associated with IP violations. It’s a quick and easy step to help you source products with confidence and peace of mind.

Submit A Report

We accept submissions from anyone that’s had a run-in with a brand or its related legal teams, etc. We’ve put together a form that asks a few questions.