Greenlight: The Free IP Claim Database

The purpose of Greenlight is simple: collect all the known brands that don’t allow Amazon sellers and how they respond so you can protect yourself and your business. This is the largest database known to exist and will always be 100% free.

Directions: Type in a brand name, or part of one.

The database and app are being updated to feature better indicators and data. Records and formatting may be incomplete while this takes place. Some records may not have verification or first-party indicators when they should. The Risk metric is being re-built to be based on the data points provided.

A record that has been verified with documentation.
The brand sells their products on Amazon as a first-party seller.

DISCLAIMER: The absence of a brand from this list does not necessarily mean it is 100% safe. In the world of Retail Arbitrage, NO BRAND IS 100% SAFE. Tread cautiously. By using this tool you agree that the data provided is intended only for research purposes. TAKE CAUTION: No company or individual, including Seller Journal, can make claims or guarantees of any kind regarding the accuracy of this data. If a brand not on this list issues any form of adverse contact against yourself or your company, Seller Journal is not repsonsible for said brand’s omission from this list.

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