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A record that has been verified with documentation.
The brand sells its products on Amazon as a first-party seller.

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The purpose of Greenlight is simple: collect all the known brands that take issue with 3rd party sellers and how they respond so you can protect yourself and your business. This is the largest database known to exist and will always be 100% free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the risk levels and verdicts go? They were pulled for a couple of reasons:

  1. They were subjective data points.
  2. It's ultimately your call whether act on this information.

Are all these for real, or did you make them up? Every entry with a checkmark came with evidence to back up the report. This didn't start becoming a step until early 2021. Entries submitted before that could very well be legit, but I'd be doing a disservice if I didn't make that obvious. Other records were sourced through publicly available lists and aggregated the best way I knew to handle the data in 2019.

I submitted one or more brands, but I don't see them when I search. It can about two weeks to add new brands; they're added in batches. If your submission didn't include supporting documentation or evidence, it may take longer or not appear at all.


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