165 Profitable Ideas for Digital Products to Sell on Etsy (2023)

165 Profitable Ideas for Digital Products to Sell on Etsy Featured Image

Running an Etsy business can be lucrative for selling your handmade or digital goods. But what if you don’t have anything to sell? This year, we’ve compiled 165 unique ideas for digital products to sell on Etsy that anybody can create and profit from, including e-books, printables, personalized artwork, and more.

Introduction to Digital Products on Etsy

Etsy allows you to sell a wide range of digital products. Among the most popular categories and genres of digital products, we can generally boil it all down into three major categories:

  1. E-books. E-books are a great option for sellers who want to share their knowledge or stories with buyers. They are easy to create and can be sold as PDFs or Kindle books.
  2. Printables. Printables are a popular type of digital product that buyers can use for wedding planning, party decor, or home organization. They are easy to create and can be sold as PDFs or JPG files.
  3. Design Templates. Design templates are perfect for sellers who offer graphic design services or those who want to sell ready-made designs. They can be sold as Photoshop, Illustrator, or PNG/JPEG files.

Digital products are a terrific method to make money on Etsy because they are simple to create and have a high demand from purchasers. Keep reading for inspiration if you’re seeking digital product ideas to sell in your shop!

Benefits of Selling Digital Products on Etsy

Etsy is an excellent choice if you want to sell digital things online and are looking for a platform. The following is a list of several advantages associated with selling digital products on Etsy:

  1. You’ll Reach a Wide Audience. Etsy has millions of active buyers from all over the world. When you sell digital products on Etsy, you’ll be able to reach a large audience and potentially make sales from buyers in different countries.
  2. You Have Control Over Your Shop. You’ll have complete control over your shop when you sell digital products on Etsy. You can set your prices, create custom listings, and design your shop page to showcase your products in the best light possible.
  3. There are No Selling Fees. One of the great things about selling digital products on Etsy is that there are no selling fees. You’ll only be charged a small listing fee when you list your product, and you won’t be charged any additional fees when your product sells.
  4. You Can Start Selling Quickly and Easily. Setting up an Etsy shop is quick and easy, so you can start selling digital products immediately. All you need to do is create an account, set up your shop, and list your products.
  5. You Can Offer Customization Options. Another great thing about selling digital products on Etsy is that you can offer customization options to buyers. If you’re selling graphics or design files, for example, buyers can request
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Ideas for Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

There is a never-ending supply of potential ideas for digital things that you can sell on Etsy if you’re creative. On Etsy, it is simple to produce and sell digital products, regardless of whether you are a photographer, an illustrator, or a graphic designer. We have compiled 95 ideas for digital products that may be sold on Etsy and used immediately to begin earning revenue from your online storefront on Etsy.

9 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Pets

Two pets lay next to each other in the grass. Pets make a great theme for digital products to sell on Etsy.
(Andrew S/Unsplash)

Create things for pet lovers if you’re seeking ideas for digital products to sell on Etsy. Pet-themed artwork, images, or movies; pet care recommendations and guidance; or even pet-related things such as toys, beds, or apparel. Whatever you decide to make, make it of excellent quality and something pet owners would be willing to pay for.

  1. Pet sitter checklists: Create a helpful checklist for pet owners who must leave their pets with a sitter or kennel.
  2. Pet care advice sheets: Share your knowledge on pet care topics like grooming, nutrition, and training by creating an ebook or a series of blog posts.
  3. Customized pet portraits: Use your artistic skills to create personalized pet portraits for customers.
  4. New puppy/kitten announcements: Create an adorable announcement card to help families welcome their new pet into the home.
  5. Printable pet treats recipes: Offer easy recipes for homemade treats pet owners can make for their fur babies.
  6. Pet birthday invitations: Help pet owners throw a fun party for their pet’s special day with customized invitations.
  7. Pet training tip sheets or ebooks: Offer helpful advice on training and disciplining pets, along with behavioral tips.
  8. New pet information bundle: Create a collection of information for new pet owners, including tips on nutrition, vet care, and more.
  9. Pet grooming guides or ebooks: Create a guide to help pet owners keep their pets groomed and looking their best.

10 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Babies

A baby popping up from underneath a blanket.
(Jonathan Borba/Unsplash)

High-quality, attractive infant images are constantly in high demand. You may make digital items such as birth announcements, calendars, and even e-books of baby recommendations if you have access to a good camera and know your way around Photoshop.

  1. Milestone journals: You can create a journal documenting your baby’s essential milestones as they grow. It can include pictures, quotes, and your little one’s life stories.
  2. Nursery wall art: You can make unique prints and canvases featuring your artwork or vintage photos for babies’ nurseries.
  3. Milestone posters and art: You can create wall art with your baby’s milestones. This could include their first steps, first words, or any other special moments in their lives.
  4. Personalized name prints: Create custom name prints for your little one’s nursery wall. You can use different fonts, colors, and graphics to make them unique and special.
  5. Birth announcements: You can make custom birth announcements and cards to share with family and friends. You can also design them to be used as thank-you cards or baby shower invitations.
  6. Infant photo restoration: With photo restoration services, you can restore old and damaged photos of newborns. This could be an excellent service for those with precious memories of their little ones.
  7. First-year journals: You can create a journal that follows your baby’s development from birth to 1 year old. This could include photos, stories, and milestones.
  8. Feelings posters: Create posters featuring different emotions and how to recognize them in babies. This can help parents and caregivers recognize signs of distress or agitation in young ones.
  9. Baby tips e-book: Create an e-book that provides new parents with helpful tips on caring for their new addition. It could include topics such as feeding, sleeping, and development milestones.
  10. Montessori checklist: You can create a helpful checklist for parents who use the Montessori teaching method. This could include activities and toys for a baby’s development.

12 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Pregnancies

pregnant woman
(Anastasiia Chepinska/Unsplash)

Expectant mothers already have a lot on their plates without worrying about keeping track of their growing baby, informing friends and relatives that they’re expecting a kid, or planning a baby shower. Here are some digital products you may market to expectant mothers to assist in alleviating some of the stress of pregnancy.

  1. Pregnancy Journals & Planners: Expecting mothers can document their pregnancy journey with a personalized journal. Include prompts for each week of pregnancy and space for photos and other mementos.
  2. Birth Announcements: Create custom birth announcements that can be emailed, printed, and mailed to family and friends. Include a photo of the new arrival and all the essential details (weight, length, time of birth, etc.).
  3. Baby Shower Invitations: Celebrate the pending arrival with personalized invitations for the baby shower. Include the date, time, location, registry information, and other relevant details.
  4. Nursery Art: Help new parents decorate the nursery with custom artwork featuring the baby’s name, initial, or favorite animals or characters.
  5. New Mom Survival Kits: Create a care package for new moms with essentials like nipple cream, lactation cookies, tea, and a comfy robe. Add a personal touch with a handwritten note of encouragement.
  6. Baby Shower Games: Create printable games for nursery rhyme guessing, baby name matching, and gender prediction.
  7. Baby Milestone Cards: Create cards that commemorate those special moments like the first smile, the first time rolling over, or the first tooth. Include a photo and date on each card so parents can look back and reminisce.
  8. Customized Pregnancy Art: Create one-of-a-kind artwork featuring the expecting mother’s silhouette. Include special dates and the baby’s expected due date.
  9. Baby Growth Chart: Create a baby growth chart featuring personalized illustrations or fun prints that can be used to track the baby’s growth from birth up to age 5.
  10. Personalized watercolor sonograms: Create a unique and beautiful piece of art with the expecting mother’s sonogram images. Perfect for decorating the nursery or as a special gift.
  11. Prank Ultrasounds: Create humorous prank ultrasounds that can be gifted to a friend or family member. Perfect for a baby shower or gender reveal party.
  12. Prank Wine Labels: Create humorous labels for wine bottles featuring the expecting mother’s sonogram images. Perfect for gifting to family or friends.
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15 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Journaling

(Ashlyn Ciara/Unsplash)

If you enjoy keeping a notebook, there are a variety of digital products that you may make and sell on Etsy. To get you thinking, here are some suggestions to get you going:

  1. Gratitude Journals: Create journals with prompts and questions to encourage people to focus on the positive aspects of their lives.
  2. Vision Board Templates: Offer customers drag-and-drop templates with inspiring images, quotes, and more to help them visualize and manifest their dreams.
  3. Digital Journaling Course: Create a course for aspiring journalers, teaching them about different types of journaling, how to get started, and tips on staying motivated.
  4. Art Therapy E-Books: Offer digital books with art therapy activities such as coloring pages, drawing exercises, and guided meditations.
  5. Affirmations Bundle: Create a bundle of affirmations sheets or cards that customers can print out or store electronically.
  6. Life Coaching Worksheets: Develop worksheets to help customers assess their life goals and plan ways to achieve them.
  7. Writing Prompts & Exercises: Put together collections of writing prompts and exercises to help spark creativity in journalers of all levels.
  8. Digital Journals: Design digital journals for those who prefer typing instead of handwriting in their journals, complete with customizable features like fonts and backgrounds.
  9. Journaling Prompts: Create fun and inspiring journaling prompts to help customers jumpstart their brainstorming process.
  10. Journal Pages: Design printable journal pages that can be printed and used as needed. Include a variety of designs to appeal to different tastes, and be sure to leave some white space so users can add their personal touches.
  11. Journaling Coach Service: Offer up your services as a journaling coach. This could involve creating custom templates or providing one-on-one email or video chat guidance.
  12. Self-therapy Workbooks: Put together a workbook with activities and exercises to help customers work through their feelings and improve their mental health.
  13. Money mindset Planner: Create a planner designed to help customers develop a healthy relationship with money, complete with worksheets and activities.
  14. Growth mindset Planner: Design a planner with activities to help customers develop a growth mindset and achieve their goals.
  15. ADHD Planner: Create a planner tailored to the needs of people with ADHD, featuring helpful tips and tricks to help them stay organized and on track.

11 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Self-Care

self care
(Jackson David/Unsplash)

If you want to offer digital products on Etsy that help people take care of themselves, consider making something that will make it easier for them to relax and unwind or help them keep organized and on track with their goals. Whatever you develop, make it something you’re enthusiastic about and believe will benefit others who buy it. Here are a few ideas to get started.

  1. Affirmation cards: create digital cards that feature uplifting affirmations and/or quotes to help people stay motivated.
  2. Guided meditations: create a series of guided audio meditations to help people relax and find inner peace.
  3. Motivational posters: design digital posters featuring inspirational quotes and images to help people stay focused and motivated in their everyday lives.
  4. Wellness e-books: Write an e-book focusing on various aspects of wellness, such as nutrition, exercise, mental health, etc., and offer it as a digital download from your Etsy store.
  5. Self-care stickers: Create a set of digital stickers to help people mark their progress or remind them to take care of themselves.
  6. Stress relief worksheets: Design a series of worksheets that offer advice and activities to help people reduce stress.
  7. Goal setting templates: Create digital templates for goal setting and tracking that can be used in conjunction with each other to help people stay organized and on track with their goals.
  8. Mood Tracker: Develop an interactive mood tracker that allows users to log their emotions and mental state daily and provide helpful resources for managing those feelings.
  9. Mental health trackers: Create a set of digital trackers that help people monitor their mental health, including their thoughts and emotions and self-care activities.
  10. Coping skill cards: Design cards featuring various coping skills that can be used in distress or difficulty.
  11. Self-help-themed wall art: Create digital images and/or prints that feature empowering messages and themes related to self-care.

9 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Health & Beauty

health beauty
(Christin Hume/Unsplash)

Social media platforms are awash with trendy skincare and beauty routines. Here are a few health and beauty-related Etsy digital product ideas.

  1. Custom Skin Care Plans: Create a product that sells custom skin care plans tailored to individual needs. Customers can complete a survey and receive personalized skin type and budget recommendations.
  2. Natural Hair Journey E-Book: Create an e-book that helps people manage their natural hair journeys by providing tutorials on styling techniques and product reviews.
  3. Skincare planner: Develop a digital product that provides customers with a personalized skincare routine and an easy-to-use planner for tracking progress.
  4. Makeup Tutorials: Create digital tutorials on step-by-step makeup application techniques, including product recommendations and advice on which shades work best for each skin tone.
  5. Hair Care E-Course: Develop an e-course that teaches people how to care for their hair properly. Include tutorials and tips on creating different hairstyles and information about general hair health.
  6. Natural Beauty Guide: Create a digital guide with tips and tricks for achieving natural beauty through lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise and product recommendations to help enhance clients’ overall look.
  7. Skincare log books: Develop log books to help people keep track of their skincare progress, including progress photos and before & afters.
  8. Beauty hacks e-book: Create an e-book that includes tips, tricks, and advice on achieving a more beautiful look with minimal effort and investment.
  9. Period and ovulation trackers: Create digital products that help people track their menstrual and ovulation periods.
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11 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Jewelry & Accessories

(Harper Sunday/Unsplash)

Handmade jewelry is a popular item on Etsy, but there is an untapped niche in the digital arena. We’ve included a few suggestions to span both popular streams and boost your revenue with digital jewelry products.

  1. Bracelet sizing chart: An interactive chart that helps consumers calculate bracelet size for the perfect fit.
  2. Necklace length guide: An easy-to-read guide that helps shoppers choose the right necklace length for their desired look.
  3. Color palette guides: Create a custom color palette guide featuring complementary colors and shades of beads and stones for jewelry-making projects.
  4. Jewelry sketch templates: A fully customizable set of jewelry sketches for those looking to bring their creations to life with digital drawing tools before creating their finished piece.
  5. Digital accessories library: Offer digital downloads of necklace charms, earrings, cufflinks, and other accessories designs with customizable color and size options.
  6. Jewelry logo design: Create custom logos for jewelry brands, perfect for branding their product in the digital space.
  7. Personalized jewelry mockups: Add a personalized touch to digital jewelry pieces by creating custom mockups for customers to showcase their products before purchase.
  8. 3D printing templates: Create 3D printing templates that can be used to produce jewelry from home or local 3D printing services.
  9. Ring sizing chart: An interactive chart that helps consumers calculate ring sizes for the perfect fit.
  10. Jewelry care guide: Offer comprehensive digital guides to help customers properly care for their jewelry and accessories.
  11. Crystal guides and charts: Design interactive charts and guides that help customers identify the healing properties of different crystals for their jewelry needs.

20 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Weddings

(Marc A. Sporys/Unsplash)

Weddings are an excellent opportunity for innovative, one-of-a-kind, pre-designed, and thematic components in various mediums. Wedding invitations, signage, table place cards, and more must be prepared. With the work the bride and groom are already putting into their perfect day, take a little weight off their shoulders by offering pre-designed digital files for their wedding needs. Here are a few of our suggestions.

  1. Digital invitations: create a template for couples to use with the ability to customize the text and images.
  2. Digital wedding program: create a template that couples can customize with their ceremony information, music selections, and order of events.
  3. Customized hashtag sign: create a printable sign for display at the wedding that includes the couple’s personalized hashtag.
  4. Table place cards: design table place cards that couples can print or upload to their wedding website.
  5. Save the date cards: provide an easy way for couples to upload their save the date card and have it sent out electronically or printed on excellent paper stock.
  6. Wedding signage suite: design a suite of signs, including welcome signs, ceremony seating signs, reception seating signs, thank you signs, directionals, and more!
  7. Personalized Portraits or Art: Offer custom portrait or art options for couples to use on their wedding website, invitations, and thank you cards.
  8. Wedding planning spreadsheet: create a customizable digital spreadsheet to help couples stay organized with their wedding details.
  9. Digital table numbers: design custom table numbers that couples can easily print and display at the reception.
  10. A digital guestbook: create a customizable and interactive guestbook for couples to use instead of traditional paper books or as an addition to them.
  11. Wedding planner checklist: create a comprehensive checklist to help couples stay on top of all their wedding details in one easy-to-use format.
  12. Customized wedding website: create an entire wedding website suite with a personalized domain name, custom stationary and design elements, and the ability to upload photos, videos, and more.
  13. Wedding timelines: design a digital timeline that couples can use as a resource to stay organized and on top of their wedding planning.
  14. Digital thank you cards: create a suite of digital thank you cards that couples can easily customize with photos, text, and more.
  15. Day-of-wedding binder: create an easy-to-use day-of-wedding binder with checklists and resources for couples to use to keep their wedding running smoothly.
  16. Wedding announcement templates: design a series of templates that couples can customize and send out to friends, family, and social media.
  17. Wedding seating chart: provide a template with the ability to customize guests’ names and assign them seats at the reception tables.
  18. Rehearsal dinner invitations: design custom rehearsal dinner invites for couples to print or share electronically easily.
  19. Printable bachelorette party games: create a suite of printable games that bridesmaids can use to make the bride-to-be’s last night out memorable.
  20. Customized honeymoon itinerary: design an easy-to-use itinerary template for couples to map out their dream honeymoon!

18 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Wellness & Weight Loss

weight loss
(Alexandra Tran/Unsplash)

Consider making Etsy digital products linked to wellness and weight loss if you’re searching for ideas for digital products to sell on Etsy. This might contain e-books or handouts with healthy recipes, training regimens, and motivational ideas, among other things. You may build a lucrative Etsy business while helping others improve their lives by selling helpful and supportive things. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Family medical information binder: Create a digital product that includes step-by-step instructions on organizing and storing your family’s medical information in a binder. Include templates for relevant documents, such as immunization records and doctor visits.
  2. Weight loss meal plans: Create meal plans tailored to different dietary restrictions and needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, etc. Include recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks with nutritional information for each dish.
  3. Weight loss tracking charts: Design charts or worksheets that customers can use to track their progress over time. Offer customizable options, including space to log measurements, workout routines, and goals.
  4. Healthy living e-book: Create an e-book with tips and advice on healthier lifestyles. Include topics such as nutrition, exercise recommendations, and mental health strategies.
  5. Grocery shopping guide: Create a digital guide on how to shop for healthy foods on a budget. Offer helpful tips on what items are good buys at the grocery store, which are better purchased online or frozen, etc.
  6. Food recipes: Design and sell digital cookbooks with recipes for healthy, nutritious meals. Also include tips on how to make meals more interesting and flavorful.
  7. Fitness videos: Create online exercise videos that customers can access at any time. Offer a variety of workout routines and difficulty levels to accommodate everyone’s needs.
  8. Meal prepping guide: Design a guide on how to meal prep like a pro, with recipes, tips, and tricks that help make the process easier and quicker.
  9. Keto meal plans: Create meal plans specifically tailored to those following a ketogenic diet. Include recipes, shopping lists, and tips on how to make the diet sustainable in the long term.
  10. Anti-inflammatory meal plans: Design meal plans that focus on reducing inflammation in the body. Include recipes and tips on how to create a diet that is both nutritious and anti-inflammatory.
  11. Detox meal plans: Design meal plans that include specific recipes and tips on how to detox the body. Include ideas on which foods to eat, which ones to avoid, and how to make the process easier.
  12. Macro meal planner: Create a meal plan specifically tailored to those following a macro diet. Include recipes, shopping lists, and tips on how to get the most out of your diet.
  13. Weight loss journal: Design and sell digital journals that customers can use to track their weight loss journey. Include prompts for setting goals, tracking progress, and reflecting on successes and challenges.
  14. Fitness planner: Design a digital fitness planner that helps customers create a workout routine and track their progress over time. Include helpful tips on reaching goals and staying motivated.
  15. Body measurement tracking: Design a digital product that helps customers track their body measurements over time. Include helpful tips and advice on how to take accurate measurements.
  16. Infographics: Create informative infographics on topics related to wellness and weight loss. Include helpful statistics, facts, and advice on how to stay healthy and reach goals.
  17. Healthy habits checklist: Design a digital checklist that customers can use to track their healthy habits each week or month. This can include items such as eating healthy meals, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, etc.
  18. Fitness challenges: Create digital fitness challenges that customers can participate in for a certain period of time. Offer prizes for those who complete the challenge and post progress updates to show off their success.

18 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Productivity & Planning

(Milad Fakurian/Unsplash)

The finance and budgeting community is always on the lookout for the next great tracking formula or tool that can be performed in Google Sheets to help them better understand their money and investments. Those hoping to wring every last ounce of productivity out of their day, or even just a sliver of it, turn to planners, books, and routines to help them reach their objectives. Here are some Etsy digital product ideas for efficiency and planning.

  1. Printable planners: These can include daily, weekly, or monthly planners, as well as goal-setting worksheets and other resources to help with time management and organization.
  2. Productivity apps: There are tons of great productivity apps out there that can help with everything from staying on top of your to-do list to taking better notes. Why not create an Etsy listing for your favorite ones?
  3. How-to-budget eBooks: Whether you write them yourself or curate a selection of the best productivity tips from around the web, eBooks make for a great digital product.
  4. To-do lists: Create a printable to-do list that allows users to easily track their tasks, goals, and projects.
  5. Goal-setting templates: Create a set of downloadable PDF or Google Docs templates to help users establish their short-term and long-term goals.
  6. Time management eCourses: Create an online course that helps users better understand how they can use their time more effectively.
  7. Productivity checklists: Create a comprehensive checklist of all the steps you need to take to be productive each day or week.
  8. Digital organization systems: Develop an online system that helps people organize their digital documents, notes, and other materials in one place for easy access.
  9. Pomodoro planner: Create a digital planner specifically designed to help users with the Pomodoro technique of time management.
  10. Priority Matrix: Create a spreadsheet that helps prioritize tasks based on their importance and urgency.
  11. Planner for Microsoft OneNote: Create a planner that helps users organize their notes within Microsoft OneNote.
  12. Planner for Students: Design a printable planner specifically tailored to the needs of students, with ideas for managing classes, assignments, and study time.
  13. – Planet for Teachers: Create a planner specifically for teachers, with sections for planning classes, grading assignments, and managing their time.
  14. Project management calendar: Create a digital calendar that allows users to plan and manage their projects with ease.
  15. Household budget spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet that helps users track their expenses and manage their budgets.
  16. Investment tracker spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet that helps users track their investments and returns.
  17. Savings spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet that helps users track their savings and set goals.
  18. Grocery list manager: Create an app or spreadsheet that allows users to easily organize their grocery lists.
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9 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Stationery

(Savannah Wakefield/Unsplash)

There is no shortage of ideas for digital products you can sell on Etsy, and if you have a passion for stationery, you are in luck! The following are some of our personal favorites:

  1. Printable stationery templates: Offering printable templates is a great way to let your customers customize their stationery. Design a few templates and offer them as downloadable files.
  2. Clipart: Create custom clipart packs to sell on Etsy. Your customers can use these to create their stationery, invitations, and more.
  3. Fonts: If you’re a font enthusiast, why not sell your fonts on Etsy? Creating a unique font can be a great way to stand out.
  4. Printables: From planners and journals to wall art and gift tags, there’s no shortage of opportunities for selling printables on Etsy. Design your products and offer them as downloadable files.
  5. Greeting cards: Why not design and sell your greeting cards on Etsy? You can choose various sizes, shapes, and designs to please your customers.
  6. Digital planners: Create digital planners that customers can use with their mobile phones or tablets. This is a great way to offer an affordable solution for busy people who are always on the go. Check out the Productivity section for more like this.
  7. Postcards: Create unique postcards that your customers can print and send to their loved ones. Whether for special occasions or to say “hello,” postcards are always a great way to stay connected.
  8. Address labels: Design custom labels that customers can use on their letters and packages. This is a great way to add a personal touch to the mundane task of sending mail.
  9. Resume templates: Offer resume templates that your customers can use to create a professional-looking resume. This is an excellent way for job seekers to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

11 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Home & Home Management

home maintenance
(Cesar Carlevarino Aragon / Unsplash)

When creating digital products, family house and home management are excellent topics to investigate. Tracking what happens in the home may be a difficult chore, leaving the potential for developing digital goods that can assist families in managing their day-to-day lives, keeping track of home maintenance, and more. Here are some digital product ideas for home and home improvement on Etsy.

  1. Household planner: A digital planner to help organize and keep track of your family’s daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.
  2. Home repair tracker: A digital tool to help you track home repairs, improvements, and projects.
  3. Chore chart: A digital chore chart that helps the whole family stay on top of their chores while making them fun!
  4. Household labels: Create digital labels for your home that can be used to organize and keep track of items in the house.
  5. Home budget planner: A digital tool to help you manage your finances and set budgets for different areas of the home.
  6. Home maintenance schedule: A spreadsheet or printout used to track everyday maintenance tasks and when they need to be done.
  7. Home safety checklist: Create a digital safety checklist that helps ensure all areas of the home are safe and secure.
  8. Home management binder: Take maintenance checklists one step further and create an entire binder of templates containing everything someone would need or want to know about a home.
  9. Housekeeping checklist: Create a schedule for hired housekeeping or the kids to track when specific cleaning tasks need to be done.
  10. Laundry infographics: Do you know what those symbols on your clothing tags mean? Neither do we. Create a poster or other large-format printout that features all symbols and what they mean to place in a laundry room.
  11. Home decorating ebooks: Put together ideas, perhaps based on a theme, for decorating a home, room by room, and sell them as an e-book. Have multiple themes? bundle the e-books together for a larger sale price.

13 Etsy Digital Product Ideas for Creative Minds and Arts & Crafts

arts crafts
(Fallon Michael / Unsplash)

Keep the kids entertained or channel your inner creative spirit with some of these Etsy digital product ideas focusing on creativity and being creative. Here are a few ideas for an Etsy digital items shop geared toward creative brains.

  1. Coloring books: Create digital coloring books perfect for artists of all ages.
  2. Craft/DIY guides: Offer step-by-step guides to help others create unique projects.
  3. Creative writing courses or prompts: Help eliminate writer’s block and introduce new ways to get those creative juices flowing with a writing course or tutorial.
  4. Vision board templates: Allow customers to visualize their goals and dreams with customizable vision boards.
  5. Art tutorials: Offer expert advice on how to draw, paint, and create beautiful art pieces digitally through e-books, videos, and more.
  6. Design templates: Help customers bring their branding ideas to life with custom design templates they can repeatedly use as needed.
  7. Creativity journals: Inspire others to explore their creative side with refillable journal pages they can repeatedly use on their journey of self-exploration and discovery.
  8. Scrapbooking kit: Create an easy-to-use digital scrapbooking kit for customers to create beautiful memories quickly.
  9. Creative writing challenges: Give your customers’ imagination a workout with creative writing challenges they can complete in their homes.
  10. Watercolor patterns: Not everyone’s a painter, but we can fill in some shapes and stay in the lines. Offer a variety of watercolor patterns and designs to help bring their artwork to life.
  11. Woodworking plans: Help others create their furniture and home decor with custom woodworking plans for any level of experience.
  12. Printable 3D paper kits: Offer printable 3D paper kits that allow customers to bring their favorite characters and scenes to life in their homes.
  13. Sewing patterns: Introduce some crafting fun with sewing patterns that make it easy to create various projects, from clothing and accessories to home decor items.
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Etsy has become a fantastic marketplace for entrepreneurs selling digital goods and services. We are convinced that by operating an Etsy shop and looking through the list we have provided, which comprises more than 180 ideas, you can discover motivation and methods to grow your earnings. Whether you want to sell customized graphics, webinars, printables, or electronic books, Etsy is the best place to start.

P.S.: Don’t forget to use marketing strategies like search engine optimization and promoting your content on social media to increase the exposure of your product listings. 


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