ParcelPath vs. PitneyShip: Feature and Pricing Comparison

ParcelPath and PitneyShip are placed head to head to find out which is better for your needs.

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Are you looking for a new shipping software platform and are trying to decide between ParcelPath nd PitneyShip? We’ve gathered all the information about both in one place, including features, pricing, and carrier options.

Let’s take a closer look at these two platforms.

About ParcelPath

ParcelPath is an easy-to-use platform for shipping parcels using USPS and UPS heavily discounted rates. While they only directly integrate with Shopify and BigCommerce, ParcelPath supports bulk label generation through spreadsheet imports. Unlike most self-service shipping platforms, ParcelPath also supports quotes and arrangements for freight shipments, from large boxes to entire truckloads.

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About PitneyShip

Pitney Bowes is the original shipping and mailing company, creating the first postage meter over a hundred years ago. Today, they’re still in the game with PitneyShip, the powerful e-commerce shipping solution that ties into Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. Pair it with the PitneyShip Cube, and you have a tightly connected ecosystem perfect for small and medium businesses selling goods online.

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ParcelPath vs. PitneyShip Compared




Free Plan
Yes (Unlimited with no per-label fee)
Yes (5% per-label fee)
Monthly Pricing
There is no cost to use ParcelPath beyond the cost of the shipping label.
Paid plans start at 16.99 per month for unlimited shipments.


Carriers Supported
Shopify, BigCommerce
eBay, Shopify, Amazon
  • Get quotes for freight shipments from the special Freight dashboard)
  • Reporting features allow you to see your shipping costs, top destinations, and more.
  • Create pre-defined package types and ship-from locations for quicker label generation.
  • Generate end-of-day SCAN forms for quicker pickups.
  • Schedule a free pickup of your packages from the same dashboard.
  • Unlimited shipping for one monthly rate
  • Free plan offers unlimited shipping with a 5% label surcharge
  • Free shipping insurance for free and paid plans through Delivery Assurance
  • Get the best rates for the major carriers
  • UPS and FedEx access only on the paid plan
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