How-to: Enroll or Unenroll Products in Small and Light

While Small and Light isn’t as useful as it once was, there may still be cases where it can benefit sellers. Here’s how to enroll and un-enroll your inventory in the program.

Step One: decide which ASINs you wish to enroll in, abiding by the requirements for the program:

  • Under 10 oz
  • Item price less than or equal to $7.00
  • Dimensions smaller than 16″ x 9″ x 4″

If your product meets those requirements, head to step two.

Step Two: Log in to Seller Central and go to this page. It’s not easy to find from the typical menu navigations. A search query in the help docs can surface it, too.

Step Three: Click the Download Template button to get a copy of the S&L Excel file. This is where you’ll record your S&L SKUs.

Step Four: Open the Excel file and choose the Upload tab. Enter one or more SKUs on this sheet. Do not use ASINs, FNSKUs, or UPCs. Save.

Step Five: Return to the page where you downloaded this file. Upload it. Check the box that says you understand the package dimension and weight requirements and click Upload Now.

When the process is complete, you’ll receive an email with a link to another Excel file that will explain the enrollment status for each SKU (and if it wasn’t accepted, why). The status of the upload will also be available on the upload page. Hit Refreshoccasionally and download the results from there as well or alternatively.

Un-enrolling SKUs from Small & Light

The process is the same. Go to this page instead or choose the Disenroll products tab.

Last Updated: June, 27th, 2021 at 04:27 am UTC
Johnathan Lyman

Johnathan Lyman

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