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In-stock Head Start Program: a pilot program making inbound products available for sale now

In-stock Head Start Program: a pilot program making inbound products available for sale now

Amazon is opening up a pilot program to allow sellers to make temporarily out-of-stock items for sale immediately, even before the products arrive at a fulfillment center.

The creatively titled In-Stock Head Start pilot programis open for sellers on an opt-in basis. The Program allows your customers to buy inbound stock so long as Amazon is confident in the date the product will arrive at a fulfillment center.


With the new In-Stock Head Start pilot program, customers can find and buy your temporarily out-of-stock products when your shipment is on its way to the fulfillment center.Even with the best inventory planning, popular products may sometimes go out of stock, and that can affect your product discoverability and sales. With this new Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) pilot, we will make your out-of-stock products available for customers to find and buy when your shipment is on its way and we are confident about its arrival date. Customers will benefit from a wider selection of products, and you could see higher or more consistent sales.

How do I enroll in this program?

The enrollment page is here (sign in required).

How can I tell if an inbound shipment is actively being sold?

Inbound product actively being sold with a future in-stock date will show as both Inboundand Available. This does not affect your Inventory Performance Index (IPI).

What makes my out-of-stock, incoming product eligible?

Incoming inventory needs to be sent using Amazon’s Partner Carrier Program, Amazon Carrier Central, or Amazon Global Logistics. These programs allow Amazon to see when the product(s) will arrive and create in-stock estimations based on said information.

How can I ensure the customer will receive their order on time?

The estimated delivery date is based on the in-stock date calculated from inbound shipment information from PCP, ACC, or AGL. If the shipment is ever delayed, the in-stock date will change accordingly.

Do I get to choose which ASINs are enrolled?

Not currently. This is an account-wide enrollment.

Can I un-enroll if I change my mind?

Yes. Un-enroll for any reason here.

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