Last Updated: Jun 26, 2021 1 min read

Introducing the Seller Journal Brand Restriction List

Introducing the Seller Journal Brand Restriction List

One of the biggest struggles Amazon sellers have (especially in Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage) is avoiding IP claims and other legal actions from Brands. Until now, I hadn’t found an exhaustive list that combined all the sources into one easy to search, inexpensive place. Several lists exist, but they’re either fragmented, contain loads of duplicates, or cost way too much money.

I built this search engine for IP claim brands for that reason. Usable on computers and mobile devices alike, over 800 brands are available instantly. See the threat level for each brand along with relevant notes on how to proceed (should you choose).

The coming months have several new feature sets planned, as well. The punch list includes a Chrome extension (because paying loads of money for access in your browser via this method shouldn’t cost much, if anything at all) and an iOS app. Take the brand list with you and search on the fly while sourcing products.

In addition to all that, community-sourced brands and a scoring system are being considered, too. Having the list is great, but having a list with actual recent, vetted accounts of the relevant actions is infinitely more valuable.

Check out the list here.

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