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Is the E-commerce Shift Going to Last?

Is the E-commerce Shift Going to Last?

From TechCrunch:

While 2020 started on a faster clip than 2018 and 2019, February and March have seen nothing short of jaw-dropping growth in merchant numbers for Shopify. In those two months alone, Shopify seems to have onboarded more merchants than in the whole of 2018.

The softening you see in April is a result of the lag in the way our systems validate and confirm the data and not a slowdown in Shopify per se. The e-commerce embrace is real.

Here’s the tweet they’re referencing if you’re not interested in clicking through to the original article:

It’s an interesting idea to postulate. In my book, I’m filing this away with the other things that could result in a massive shift in where people buy their stuff. (My first piece was my predictions for selling on Amazon in 2020, and a high-level posit on Welcome to Growth, a weekly podcast for e-commerce business owners with Aura and Vendrive’s Dillon Carter.)

Going to file this away for a few months and come back when things have started to level out. Even if quarantine procedures stay in place for some time to come, systems will find their groove across the board. Amazon will get their logistics back in order and it’ll be telling whether other brands remain prominent in their DTC efforts or if everything simply goes back to “the way it was before.”

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