Last Updated: Feb 7, 2021 1 min read is Winding Down is Winding Down

From CNBC:

Four years ago, Walmart made a pricey bet on its e-commerce future. It paid $3.3 billion to buy, an e-commerce startup that it hoped would attract younger, affluent and city-dwelling customers and help it fend off  Amazon’s rapid rise.

On Tuesday, Walmart announced it will discontinue and phase out the brand.

Wal-Mart has had a hard time making their e-commerce offerings turn a profit. They’ve tried many things, with varying degrees of success. ModCloth was acquired and sold off, Allswell, the mattress brand appears to be doing fine, Bonobos still exists, and Jetblack was a personal shopping service for rich people in NYC. That last one turned out as you’d expect.

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