Meltable ASIN Checker

We built this tool because it’s not always obvious or easy to determine if an ASIN is considered “meltable” by Amazon’s standards. Over 400,000 ASINs are available to query.

Directions: enter the ASIN into the field below and click “search” or hit Enter on your keyboard.


How often is this updated? Ideally once a month. Amazon doesn't make a live data feed of ASINs available, so some manual work is required. If you're searching for an ASIN that's new to Amazon–and would be considered meltable by their standards, it might not be on their list yet, ergo it won't be on this one, either.

How does Amazon define 'meltable'? “Meltable” refers to heat-sensitive products that are eaten or swallowed, including chocolate, yogurt, gummies, and probiotics.

Products in Amazon fulfillment centers must be able to withstand a minimum temperature of 50°F and a maximum temperature of 120°F during the product’s shelf life without hurting its quality.

I'd like a copy of this data for myself. Sure thing! Fire off an email and we'll make it happen.

DISCLAIMER: The Seller Journal cannot guarantee every ASIN is available to search nor that the list is 100% accurate.