Last Updated: Feb 7, 2021 1 min read

No storage fees for new-to-Amazon ASINs for new sellers

No storage fees for new-to-Amazon ASINs for new sellers

Amazon has made changes to its new-to-Amazon storage fee promotion to allow new sellers to participate.

Historically, new sellers had to pay storage fees for items to new Amazon because they didn’t have an Inventory Performance Index score–IPI was one of the factors in considering eligibility. This requirement has been removed.

For products that have never been listed on Amazon, storage fees are waived for the first 50 units, up to 100 unique ASINs. This allows sellers to bring new products to market without having to balance storage costs. Historically, only sellers with IPI scores were able to take advantage of this.

The waived storage fee action is only temporary and sellers must manually register in order to participate. The promotion ends September 30, 2019.

Find out more about the promotion and directly opt-in here.

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