ShipHero Review – A Strong 3PL Provider for E-commerce Businesses

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Managing 3PL costs feels like a lost art sometimes. ShipHero is a third-party logistics provider trying to solve that problem with flat-rate costs for orders and no charge for onboarding or receiving inventory.

What is ShipHero?

ShipHero is an innovative order fulfillment platform providing a comprehensive solution suite to help small businesses manage their inventory and shipping operations. With ShipHero’s easy-to-use cloud-based software, merchants can monitor their products in real time, create custom packing slips and labels, set up automated integrations with multiple carriers, and gain valuable insights into their data.

This all-in-one solution makes it easier for small businesses to manage the complexities of order fulfillment and stay ahead in a competitive marketplace. The platform also offers multiple pricing tiers to fit the needs of each business, making it accessible for any size company.

With ShipHero’s help, small businesses can streamline their back-end operations and focus on growing their business.

ShipHero Summary

Bucking the traditional pricing structure of most 3PL companies, ShipHero offers a flat rate for each shipment. Paying the same price for each shipment can mean big potential savings, though depending on the variance in each order’s cost and retail value, lower-priced, lower-margin items may suffer at the hands of inadvertent loss-leader status, even if that’s not your intention.

ShipHero Pros

  • Free onboarding and account setup
  • Receiving inventory is also free
  • Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime support
  • Flat-rate fulfillment costs can mean significant savings for orders heading longer distances.
  • PostHero’s detail and usability make for easy whole-business order tracking.
  • 99.9% SLA
  • ParcelView offers top-notch transparency, so you’re not asking customers for photos of how an order was packed.

ShipHero Cons

  • While the fulfillment cost is a flat rate regardless of order destination in the United States, it’s unclear what the costs are.
  • Takes no responsibility for damage to a customer’s inventory in their control (must provide your insurance)
  • Flat-rate fulfillment costs can make local deliveries more expensive than they need to be
  • Does not provide FBA Prep services
  • No locations outside of North America

ShipHero Costs

  • Onboarding: FREE
  • Receiving: FREE
  • Storage: $0.65/square foot
  • Fulfillment: Flat rate based on shipping weight, dimensions, and service level (Standard vs. Overnight, for example). 
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Seller Journal Rating 3.5
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What We Like About ShipHero

99.9% Order accuracy rate. Of every 10,000 orders, ShipHero expects to process no more than ten of them incorrectly.

PostHero. ShipHero’s in-house order-tracking dashboard gives a detailed overview of every order in transit.

Predictable costs. Packaging, shipping, and item costs are based on size, weight, and service, not a destination. Businesses that sell large quantities of the same type or size of an item will benefit from predictable and consistent fees.

See exactly how an order was packaged. ParcelView takes photos of orders as it’s packed and attached to the shipping record. This lets you see exactly what the warehouse person did and how they packed the order should an issue arise with your customer.

Options for your own warehouse space. Higher-end Warehouse Management System built for e-commerce businesses with warehouse locations looking to improve their operations and streamline their workflows.

Amazon Seller Friendly. If you sell on Amazon, ShipHero offers FBA prep and order fulfillment services.

ShipHero Warehouse Locations

ShipHero currently has 8 warehouses across North America.

United States (6)

  • Pennsylvania (Allentown)
  • Texas (Fort Worth)
  • Florida (Jacksonville x2)
  • Nevada (Las Vegas)
  • Utah (Salt Lake City)

Canada (2)

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver


E-commerce Platforms, Marketplaces: BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce (Magento), WooCommerce, MyStoreNo, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Google Shopping

Shipping Carriers: 99Minutes, APC, Bring, Canada Post, Deutsche Post, DHL, DPD, Endicia, Estafeta, FedEx, FedEx Cross BorderGlobal-e, Globegistics, Hermes, Interlink Express, Ontrac, Passport, Segmail, Sendle, Sendcloud, USPS, UPS, Asendia, Australia Post, Canpar, CouriersPlease, ePost Global, eShip, Firstmile, GLS US, Joeyco, NZ Post, Purolator, Royal Mail, Shippo, Startrack, Webshipr, Xdelivery

Returns Management Platforms: Loop Returns, Returnly

Integration Partners: APIWorx, Pipe 17, Wiking Consulting

Other Integrations: 6 River Systems, Alloy Automation, FlavorCloud, Flxpoint, Klaviyo, Nulogy, SPS Commerce, Brightpearl, Channel Advisor, Inventory Planner, inVia Robotics, Oracle NetSuite, Order Desk

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