ShipMonk Review – The best 3PL for Subscription Box Services

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Managing a subscription service is no easy feat. Ensuring your customers receive the correct products in the correct order on time requires a uniquely positioned and talented third-party logistics provider to help make it happen. This is where ShipMonk comes in.

What is ShipMonk?

ShipMonk is an invaluable asset for e-commerce businesses and subscription box support. They provide comprehensive solutions to streamline the order fulfillment process, making it easier and faster for businesses to manage their orders.

With ShipMonk, businesses can benefit from various features such as automated order management, inventory forecasting, pick and pack services, shipping cost optimization, returns management, and more. Each feature helps businesses reduce costs and save time while delivering the highest customer service.

ShipMonk integrates with major marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay to ensure orders are processed quickly and accurately. Thanks to these features, ShipMonk is an invaluable partner for any online business looking to improve its order fulfillment operations.

ShipMonk Summary

Copious amounts of warehouse space turns ShipMonk into a great solution for businesses selling various products. ShipMonk also offers dedicated workflows and handling for subscription box services, making them a unique choice on this list for those who sell monthly collections of curated goods. 

With their optional MonkProtect service, your business can offer insurance for orders automatically at checkout–potentially increasing revenue and trust in the company–and guaranteeing each customer is satisfied, even if their order arrives damaged.

ShipMonk Pros

  • Extensive integrations list with support for every major platform
  • Dedicated support for subscription box services, with specific internal workflows
  • Two-day shipping is the default offering for orders in the United States.
  • Offer shipping protection at checkout for a small fee paid by the customer
  • Good distribution of warehouses across continental North America, including Canada and Mexico 
  • Provides Amazon FBA prep services
  • Seller-Fulfilled Prime support

ShipMonk Cons

  • The minimum spend is on the higher end of the scale than others on this platform.
  • Takes no responsibility for damage to a customer’s inventory in their control (must provide insurance)
  • No guarantees for same-day shipping
  • Spikes in orders result in delays in order processing

ShipMonk Costs

Above all else, ShipMonk has a minimum $250/month fee. The difference is charged if storage and order costs do not exceed the $250/month minimum. Prices are based on up to 500 monthly orders and up to 500 monthly subscription boxes. Prices are lower for higher volumes.

  • Storage (calculated daily)
    • Small Bin: $1/month
    • Medium Bin: $2/month
    • Large Bin: $3/month
    • X-Large Bin: $4/month
    • Pallet: $25/month
  • Pick and Pack
    • Single Order
      • First: $3.00/order, Additional: $0.75/each/order
    • Subscription Box
      • Box assembly + kitting (5 items): $2.50/order, Additional: $0.20/each/order
      • $15 batch processing fee if less than 50 identical subscription boxes are assembled at once
  • Returns
    • Base (1 item): $2.00
    • Each Additional item: $0.50/each
  • Materials
    • Packaging materials: $0.15-$2.00/order
    • Promotional inserts: $0.20
    • Bubble pouches: $0.50/item
  • Shipping: discounted carrier rates
  • Other
    • Separate charge(s) for custom packaging
    • Gift messaging
      • Blank 4×6″ card: $1.00
      • Custom 4×6″ card: $0.80 + insert cost
    • Fragile items and items over 5 pounds may incur additional charges.
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What We Like About ShipMonk

Large Footprint. Over 3.5 million square feet of warehouse space around the world.

Powerful tools. Single integrated dashboard for management of orders, inventory, and warehousing. Track inventory using lot control and serialization to know which customer received which item.

Smart distribution. Received inventory is placed at different locations automatically to ensure products are as close to customers as possible.

MonkProtect shipping insurance. MonkProtect’s Delivery Protection allows businesses to offer shipment insurance at checkout for a small fee (starting at $0.97/order). For damaged orders, ShipMonk offers an automated claims porter for Customers to solve shipment issues without contacting you.

Branded tracking. When customers receive their shipment email, they’ll get a link to a tracking pack with your company’s branding.

Large integration list. Over 90 integrations, supporting businesses using platforms of all types and sizes.

First-class service for subscription boxes. Dedicated support for subscription box services and seasonal offerings, with dedicated workflows and processes

99.9% order accuracy. ShipMonk expects to fulfill at least 9,990 out of every 10,000 orders correctly. Shipping 100 orders daily translates to an incorrect order once every 10 days.

Climate-controlled storage. Their Dallas-Fort Worth location support requirements for climate-controlled warehousing.

ShipMonk Warehouse Locations

ShipMonk currently has 11 warehouses across the globe.

United States (8)

  • Florida (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Nevada (Las Vegas)
  • Texas (Dallas Fort Worth)
  • New York (Bay Shore)
  • Pennsylvania (Pittston)
  • New Jersey (Dayton)
  • Kentucky (Louisville)
  • California (Los Angeles)

International (6)

  • Mexico (Tecate)
  • Canada (Ontario)
  • United Kingdom (Coalville)
  • Czech Republic (Coming Soon)


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