What Is Shopify Credit? Shopify Credit Card Review

Shopify store owners can take advantage of a unique credit card offering made exclusively for them, and practically no one else.

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Shopify, a key player in the e-commerce industry, has quietly expanded its reach in the financial services sector by introducing its new pay-in-full credit card, aptly named Shopify Credit. This development represents a natural expansion of their suite of business services aimed at providing entrepreneurs with more tools to manage and grow their online stores. 

In the following post, we’ll explore the features of this new credit card, discuss its potential benefits, and analyze what it means for both Shopify users and the broader world of e-commerce. The move signals a notable step in Shopify’s growth and is worth a closer look.

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shopify credit card graphic
A rendering of the Shopify Credit card with the strip and card numbers on the back. It is also a contactless credit card with a unique design with a notch cut out of one end. (Shopify)
Best for Shopify Stores
Shopify Credit Business Rewards Credit Card
Up to 3% Cashback

A new offering from Shopify to grow its suite of financial tools meant for Shopify merchants, the Shopify Credit Card offers up to 3% cashback on purchases made toward expenses from running a Shopify store. Unfortunately, the categories are limited and at Shopify's discretion, meaning if you don't spend much in those categories or with the blessed merchants, there are other cashback business cards that'll perform much better.

  • 3% cash back in your highest-spend qualifying category
  • No credit report is needed to apply
  • Based on your business' performance
  • Issue cards for members of your team and create virtual cards as needed
  • No annual fees or foreign transaction fees
  • Cashback is limited to specific categories and vendors of Shopify's choosing.
  • The welcome bonus is in Shop Cash, not a statement credit.
  • Pay-in-full only; cannot carry a balance.
  • Setup fee: none
  • Foreign transaction fee: none
  • Annual fee: none
Cashback %: up to 3%
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What is Shopify Credit?

The latest financial tool offered by the number one e-commerce platform, Shopify Credit, is a pay-in-full Visa credit card designed for and offered exclusively to businesses operating on the Shopify platform to maximize the spending they already do and get rewarded for it.

Unlike Shopify Balance, Shopify Credit isn’t solely based on your Shopify store’s cash balance–the amount of money your store has received but has not paid to your business bank account. Instead, Shopify Credit is a full-fledged pay-in-full credit card issued by Celtic Bank. Shopify Credit is designed for businesses that can pay their balance in full monthly. We’ll cover those restrictions and requirements in the Shopify Credit Perks, Welcome Bonuses, and Credit Limits section.

Shopify Credit Features, Perks, Welcome Bonuses, and Credit Limits

It’s standard procedure to expect a high-quality credit card to offer some cashback or reward program for using it, and all but a handful of credit cards tailored toward business do. The Shopify Credit card offers both cashback and a welcome bonus for using it for your business expenses. Here’s how the two benefits break down.


The amount of cashback earned with a Shopify Credit card is based on the category in which you spend money and how much money is spent in each category. Shopify defines three spending categories as eligible for cashback: marketing and advertising, shipping and fulfillment, and wholesale. Shopify has also defined which vendors within these categories qualify for cashback. 

The category you spend the most in will return 3% cashback every month, while the other categories will return just 1%. Your blended cashback rate will vary Depending on how much money you spend in each category.

For example, if you spent $10,000 in your highest category and thus received 3% cashback from it, and $5,000 each in your second and third categories for 1% cashback each, you’ll receive a total $400 cash back for that period for $20,000 in spend for a blended cashback rate of 2%.

Cashback is applied as statement credits each month, not unlike the popular American Express Blue Business Cash credit card. You can earn 3% cashback in your top spending category, up to $100,000 in eligible spending each year. After that, your top category will earn 1% cashback.

Eligible Spending Categories

As of this writing, Shopify has defined the following categories and vendors as qualifying for cashback:

  • Marketing and advertising: Google, Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, Snap, Twitter, Microsoft, Shopify Email, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Instafeed, Yotpo SMSbump, Yotpo product reviews and UGC, Yotpo subscriptions, Yotpo loyalty, and rewards, Loox, Privy
  • Fulfillment: USPS, UPS, DHL Express, Flexport, Pirateship, Shopify Shipping, Shopify Fufillment Network, Shipsurance, Shipstation, Shippo, Aftership order tracking, Aftership shipping + labels, Aftership returns, and Parcel Panel Order Tracking
  • Wholesale: Faire

The most up-to-date list of qualified vendors can be found in this Shopify Help Center article.

Welcome Bonus

The Shopify Credit card comes with a welcome bonus based on the money you spend on the card after opening. Here’s how much you can earn as a bonus in Shop Cash.

  • If you spend $5,000 in the first three months, you’ll receive $250 in Shop Cash.
  • If you spend $10,000 in the first three months, you’ll receive $1,000 in Shop Cash.
  • If you spend $20,000 in the first three months, you’ll receive $2,000 in Shop Cash.

The Welcome Bonus offer of up to $2,000 in Shop Cash expires on October 31, 2023.

Credit Limits

The Shopify Credit card has no hard ceiling on its credit limit. The credit limit provided on approval is based on your Shopify store’s performance and cash flow. Shopify says that your business performance will be periodically reviewed, and depending on the review outcome, they may extend a credit line increase. You can accept or decline the credit line increase at your discretion.

Visa Perks

The Shopify Credit card is a Visa Business card, which offers all the perks with the Visa Business name. Some of those perks include rental car damage protection, travel and emergency assistance services, purchase protection, and roadside service. (All of the Visa Business credit card perks.)

shopify credit card admin panel screenshot
Your Shopify Credit card is managed through your Shopify admin portal. You can see your balance, spending history, cashback amounts, and more from here. (Shopify)

Shopify Credit Interest Rates, Fees, and Payments

Like all credit cards, the Shopify Credit card has a typical fee structure. Here’s how it breaks down.

Interest Rate & Payments

Since the Shopify Credit card is a pay-in-full card, there is no interest rate. Shopify expects your statement balance to be paid in full by the due date, 25 days after the billing cycle closes. 

Shopify will deduct the entire statement balance at once from the designated bank account or your Shopify Balance account if you have one. If the balance cannot be paid in full, the card will be locked and not be used until the balance is paid. Continued non-payment will result in account closure.


The Shopify Credit card has no setup fee, foreign transaction fee, or annual fee.

How to Apply for Shopify Credit

Applying for the Shopify Credit card is simple and can be done through your Shopify admin panel under the Finance menu. Select the “Credit” option. You’ll be able to see your eligibility immediately. 

Final Verdict

The Shopify Credit card is an unsurprising offering from Shopify. It continues its progress toward offering a truly end-to-end solution for small businesses running their business on the Shopify platform. Unfortunately, if much of your spending isn’t within one of the approved categories or with one of the vendors on Shopify’s approved list, you may not earn cashback for any purchases. We recommend looking at your spending before jumping into the Shopify Credit card. That said, even if you don’t spend much in these categories, not needing to pull a credit report to apply makes the barrier to entry and friction of applying relatively low and could be worth having, regardless.

Best for Shopify Stores
Shopify Credit Business Rewards Credit Card
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Shopify account or store to have a Shopify Credit card?

Yes. The Shopify Credit card is intended for Shopify-based businesses only.

Does Shopify Credit have any fees?

No. Shopify Credit has no fees, including foreign transaction, annual or setup fees.

How do I pay the balance on my Shopify Credit card?

You can pay the balance of your Shopify Credit card through a linked bank account or your Shopify Balance account.

Is Shopify Credit a credit card or line of credit?

No. Shopify Credit is a revolving credit card that must be paid monthly.

Will applying for Shopify Credit affect my credit score?

No. Shopify Credit applications do not check your credit. Shopify uses your Shopify business’ performance to gauge creditworthiness.

Can I have multiple Shopify Credit cards?

Yes. You can issue individual Shopify Credit cards for your team.

Does Shopify Credit support virtual cards?

Yes. You can issue virtual Shopify credit cards as needed. Upon approval, you will receive a virtual card, too.

How long do I have to pay my Shopify Credit card?

You have 25 days from the statement due date to pay your Shopify Credit card in full. Paying anything less than the full balance will lock your account until the balance is paid.


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