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Rumors Swirling of The United States Postal Service Dropping Uniform Pricing

Rumors Swirling of The United States Postal Service Dropping Uniform Pricing


One of the US Postal Service’s trademark features has always been that Americans could reliably mail a letter to anyone in the country for a uniform price. In the Age of Trump that guarantee has apparently been tossed aside.

Say what you want about the current administration. This is mildly concerning for a couple of reasons:

First, the United States Postal Service doesn’t lose money on shipping mail and packages. That’s a complete lie. They’re actually not allowed to charge anything below cost, thanks to the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act.

Second, the Postal Service loses a boatload of money every year because they have to pre-fund benefits for 50 years in advance. It’s a wild idea and when it comes to a service that ebbs and flows with the changing business tides, is even crazier to suggest… but here we are.

Here’s what spotted in the recent changes to the USPS’ mission statement:

Previously, the “Mission Statement” had promised that “Everyone living in the United States and its territories has access to postal products and services and pays the same for a First-Class postage stamp regardless of their location.”

Instead, the new statement promises to, among other things, “Deliver a world-class customer experience”.

Without turning this post too political1Who are we kidding, though…, it blows my mind how little the true cost of the postal service is talked about. If mailing a letter is going to end up a variable rate, whatever. Anyone who ships Priority Mail or First-Class Package will already have come to terms with the USPS’s variable rate shipping prices.

You can’t tell me, though, that given the USPS’ hard limit on how little they can charge for mailing a thing, that the current postage rate ($0.55 as of this writing) isn’t enough.

I love shipping through the postal service. I’ve never had an issue, and perhaps to some extent, I’m lucky. I’ve seen stories of folks who have had packaged fare much worse. One may argue that if the USPS charged more, they’d handle packages better because people are paying more for the service, to which I’ll happily show them all the UPS packages I’ve received in various forms of screwed up states.

Let’s solve the real problem, not take pot shots are the postal service because our current administration loses his mind when anyone says the A-word, B-word, or WP-words.

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