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Discount Retailer Thursday Morning Filing for Bankruptcy

Via CNBC this morning, Thursday Morning, a discount retailer of home goods announced it is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closing 230 of its stores.

My predictions for selling on Amazon in 2020

My Bold Predictions for Successfully Selling on Amazon in 2020

E-commerce business models are continually changing. New trends form, old ones fall away. For those selling on Amazon, these trends move even quicker and typically receive influence from changes in marketplace rules. 

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Five Amazon Sellers on Instagram You Need to Follow

Instagram is a huge social network with over a hundred million active users. Watching the progress of fellow Amazon sellers has become a pastime of mine and can serve as inspiration and motivation when you’re feeling down or in a selling rut. These are 5 Instagram Amazon sellers you should be following right now.

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What is the Buy Box?

It is no secret that in order to get real, substantial sales, being able to take advantage of primary placement on a listing is paramount. Called the Buy Box, this is where the majority of Amazon shoppers engage and commit to buying a product. Having control of this space can make or break a seller.

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When is a Good Time to Invest in a Repricer?

Seller Central account? Check. Bank account? Check. Inventory? Check. Inventory is at an Amazon warehouse? Check. What’s left? Repricer? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s dive into why it might be worth holding off on dropping cash on a repricer when you first start.

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Amazon lithium battery rules for sellers tightens for 2020

An announcement that sent shockwaves through the Seller Central forums regarding Amazon lithium battery rules starting in 2020 is sure to ruffle some feathers. Here’s what is being tracked to change starting January 1st and how it’ll affect selling lithium batteries and products containing said batteries.


Aura announces killer new integration–a boon for Amazon sellers–and what’s next for the powerful repricer

Today, Aura, the powerful web-based repricer built for Amazon sellers announced a new integration with a tool Aura’s users have been clamoring to hook up to. Let’s dive into what’s making headlines. And because of this killer news, I also wanted to sit down with Dillon and talk about this announcement, what the Aura team has on deck and the mindset behind taking an Amazon business to the next level in a unique way. 


How to get approved to sell products within restricted product categories

One of the largest perpetual hurdles Amazon sellers face is gaining approval to sell products within a category or brand on the Amazon marketplace (otherwise known as ungating or being ungated). There are a lot of questions out there and information can be scatted and incomplete. Here’s all the relevant information you need in order to get approved to sell products in categories that may not be open to you by default.