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Wal-Mart Surpasses eBay in U.S. E-Commerce Market Share

Wal-Mart Surpasses eBay in U.S. E-Commerce Market Share

A recent MarketWatch article highlights data from eMarketer putting Wal-Mart above eBay for the first time when looking at marketshare of e-commerce by platform.

From the data, Amazon still reigns supreme with a far-and-away 38.0% share of the market. Wal-Mart takes the second spot at 5.8% and eBay at 4.5%.

What continues to blow my mind is that eBay has been around for literally an eternity in Internet years. Established in 1995, the entire concept was online shopping. Amazon came on the scene a year earlier but had a much more narrow focus. Wal-Mart, on the other hand, started selling goods online much later than the other two stalwarts, in the year 2000.

I imagine the market share will only increase as Wal-Mart brings Shopify-powered stores into its ecosystem.

You know what’s even more wild, Apple is just 1% behind 15-year-old eBay at 3.5% and Home Depot accounts for 1.9%. When your platform on which one can sell just about anything only does marginally better as measured by market share than a high-priced electronics company, you have to know something’s wrong.

You can read the rest of the MarketWatch article here.

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