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📻 Welcome to Growth #20: Dillon and I sat down and talked about simplifying our lives, defaults, and the cost-benefit analysis of automatic decisions. We use some real examples from our own lives to illustrate. We ended up talking for so long this is the first of two parts of this topic.

💰 Novo is one of my favorite banks for e-commerce businesses. Go see why. Spoilers: Awesome app, slick interface, great team behind it, and over $3000 in free stuff.


🌴 Jungle Scout: My favorite Amazon product research and management tool (check out my 8-part review if you haven’t seen it) has some awesome pricing news to share! On Wednesday, they announced a new pricing arrangement. What does that mean? The Google Chrome extension is now built in and part of the larger Jungle Scout package. No longer do you have to pay for them separately! Go check out The Seller Journal blog for all the details and a slick 30% discount.

📦 From The “Things Bezos Gets Away With” Files: Amazon says their house brands aren’t anticompetitive, but, in the words of the famous Maury Povich, the lie detector determined that was a lie. Shocked? Yeah, me neither. The Morning Brew‘s Retail Brew newsletter has a great breakdown of the story and morel links to continue digging in.

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📦 Also in the Bezos box, here’s how his first time in front of Congress went.

🇬🇧 Brexit Stage Left: If you sell in the EU only use UK fulfillment centers, starting January 1st, EU customers will be off limits. Brexit was a good idea, though, right? Right? (h/t AMZ Weekly)

📈 Shopify’s Earnings Report was Wednesday. They did very well. Specifically, revenue jumped 97% last quarter. Earnings per share were $0.29, 29x higher than Wall Street consensus of just $0.01/share. Spicy.

Amazon Tips and Tricks

📦 Amazon sellers are mad they can’t figure out the buy box algorithm. In a futile attempt to outsmart the system, several discussions and posts (1, 2, and 3, which requires logging in to Seller Central) have taken serious traction in hopes of explaining why some are losing loads of sales.

🕵🏼‍♀️ Price Gouging POAs are serious business. Here’s how to approach them without admitting outright that you broke the law.